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The aeroplane parachute has arrived, and the new life-saving attachment is attracting considerable attention in aviation circles.
But it is unclear that they have any direct attachment to it.
The vast majority of residents, new and old, feel a strong attachment to the landscape and the character of their town.
The spiritual connection to the land and an attachment to landscape and nature is also important.
They do not climb by twining or attachment but must be trained through or tied to their support.
There is more to a well-worn putter than the personal attachment to a golf club with years of winning matches under its heel.
Winter began snapping pictures, flash attachment firing apace.
Use a wire whisk attachment to introduce air into the whites evenly, creating tiny, strong bubbles.
These are naturally dear to a people that continues in morals for other folks its long attachment to patent medicines.
Two researchers use attachment theory and their personal experience to explore adviser-advisee relationships.
My nostalgic emotional attachment made this a powerful and persistent model.
Or use a bubbler attachment on the hose, moving it as needed.
We geeks seem to have a peculiar attachment to quantifying things.
The music they made together managed to sing at once of a sense of loss and of a deep attachment.
Humankind's feverish attachment to gold shouldn't have survived the modern world.
The research about bonding, attachment and touch is useful to show how kids feel.
It comes with a vacuum attachment and bag, and its impeller has serrated teeth for serious mulching.
These units have a reservoir that adds detergent to the water and sprays the mixture through the brush attachment.
There is little emotional attachment to the object bought.
Secure any basic nozzle attachment onto the hose of an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner.
Here the nature of the attachment is merely sympathetic and sweet.
What about the attachment people have with there old towns and suburbs.
Versatile compression strap system serves as attachment for skis, ice axes or poles.
Also, the single-point attachment keeps the strap out of your way when shooting.
If the attachment contains one of these macro viruses, opening the file can cause the infection.
Both shells are strong, allow for protection, attachment of muscles and resist dissolution in water.
Trimmer attachment failed on each of two test units.
Defending a faith has an emotional need, but being skeptical has no personal attachment.
The attachment required unsolicited commercial email be identified as such in the body text of a message.
The current wing shaking idea would present vast fuselage attachment problems.
And he didn't read the attachment ordering him to preserve any evidence related to the case.
The story of this attachment is poetic, idyllic, tragic.
The earliest experiences of bonding and attachment are central.
The easiest way to shred your cabbage is with a food processor's grating attachment.
The complete player tasking is contained in the attachment.
He adored the bank, with an attachment that bordered on sentimentality.
Either way, the virus is spread via an attachment that is affixed to an e-mail or a file.
The set linked to above also has a pinhole attachment that fixes the aperture, forcing you to adjust shutter speed to compensate.
It needs to encourage more of an emotional attachment with the user.
In his view, a large republic would reduce the danger that representatives would acquire undue attachment to local interests.
But their attachment to the world of commerce grows ever stronger.
He has instead an attachment to tradition and its explanatory value.
But you buy nicer timepieces to tell the time because you have an emotional attachment.
Place egg whites in bowl of a mixer fitted with a whisk attachment.
All have prosthetic hands, the brutality of whose surgical attachment they conceal under elegant gloves.
Instead, people seem to have deep instincts for fairness, empathy and attachment.
People who say it is going to form an emotional attachment aren't living in the world where money talks.
Written messages should be sent as standard e-mail text, not in an attachment.
If one were to remove all emotional attachment and personal opinion, one could see that there is no real evidence of evolution.
And because the cervix is not suited for placental attachment, the implantation triggered bleeding in this patient.
Because they made a prosthetic hand attachment specifically for golf.
In addition to providing the threaded attachment for the filter, it directs the oil flow through the filter.
If you're not expecting an attachment, call the sender.
Using a grinder attachment for a stand mixer, push all contents though grinder, including liquids.
Every perk, piece of equipment and weapon attachment is available.

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