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To create a similar effect, attach pieces of paper to the wall with wallpaper paste, then varnish the whole thing.
Attach these to the legs using two screws at each joint.
Attach the rubber ends to the two support of your luggage handle, and voilĂ , a coffee-holder.
Cut stars out of another sheet of white paper and attach them to the blue paper with rubber cement.
It may seem innocuous to attach chips to our preschoolers' clothes.
Sum up your qualifications, attach a resume, and ask that they keep you mind if they need staff.
Such antibodies recognise and attach themselves to these molecules, rendering them harmless.
Diapsids' skulls all have two holes, called temporal fenestrae, which carry muscles that attach to the jaws.
When you attach pieces in some ways, they hold in place.
The easiest method for installing a ceiling fan is to attach it in place of an existing ceiling light.
All you need to do is get your rich alums to pony up the money to attach their family names to departments.
Some attach special significance to last-minute personnel changes made by the king before he left.
Some satiated caterpillars then attach the empty snail shells onto their speckled casings.
Theoretically, a virus could attach itself to any executable program.
Cut the floss and attach the end to the piece of double-sided tape.
Attach the other clamp or strap to the metal object that serves as the ground for the household electrical system.
The autocratic businessman-turned-politician was careful to attach a personal brand to his popular policies.
When you add the salt, blobs of oil attach to the grains and sink.
Initially, the lightning will attach to an extremity such as the nose or wing tip.
Attach the scrap paper by folding up the lowest part of the short side that you scored over the scrap paper.
We're allowed to attach a response to the chair's report before it goes to higher levels.
But the mainstay of its business is supplying prepared foods to which supermarkets then attach their own labels.
Center and attach supports along the long sides of the base.
Attach the screws, but don't tighten them, since you'll be adjusting them soon.
They are adhesive pads that attach right around the back of the heel and give enough grip to keep the heel from slipping.
The commonest system is to sell stickers or tags which householders attach to rubbish bags or cans.
If both target molecules attach to it, they trigger the device to change shape.
Instead, rangers attach radio-collars to troublemaker elephants.
Position two remaining short pieces evenly from the ends and from one another and attach with screws.
Must attach signed application for the court's consideration.
Twitter now lets users attach locations to their messages.
Foreign donors should, where appropriate, attach conditions of their own to aid schemes.
Researchers can attach the fluorescent molecules to a protein inside a dividing cancer cell or a spreading virus.
Growing chains may also attach themselves to one another.
Center and attach supports along opposite sides of base.
Telephoto lenses attach to phones by magnets or clips.
If your carry-on has some sort of external strap, attach it that way and cross your fingers.
His redneck concern is that his manhood has been diminished by this cancerous attach on his reproductive gland.
Great magazine advertising doesn't interrupt, compete with or attach itself to content: it complements and co-exists with it.
For each student, type up a comment sheet that you attach to the back of your paper.
It would be a mistake to attach too much significance to the impact of this change on the wider war against terrorism.
To be eligible for the discount, please attach the receipt for your group ticket sale to your purchase order.
These attach to the foreign substance and also attach to receptors on immune defense cells called mast cells.
If not, then it's ok to feel sad at times, regardless of what label others might attach to it.
Attach leaves to your hair with bobby pins or by pinning them to a headband.
When these antibodies attach to the antigen--on bacteria, for example--immune complexes are formed.
Finally, attach a small tray to keep accessories close at hand.
Many graphing calculators allow users to attach sensors to them so they can log data directly into the device.
Some proponents of bankruptcy reform want to attach similar provisions to the cram-down.
Attach the plastic tube to the pump, then thread it through the center opening in the steel mesh.
Each microscopic orb can only attach to molecules from one particular type of organism.
Attach the patch piece by drilling pilot holes at an angle through the mitered ends of the patch and old fascia boards.
Have students attach their drawings or models to the mural.
Think twice before letting them attach to shingles, clapboard, or mortared brick or stone.
The company is offering consumers a free repair kit to attach to the carrier.
They want to bring a hammerhead on board the boat while keeping it alive to attach the sat tag.
Buy a small liquid level and attach it to your tripod head.
Attach each stem to a sprig of fir by wrapping the two together several times with floral wire.
Conscientious fishermen even attach streamers to their lines to scare off birds that might become entangled.
Attach a gift card to the pot or basket, explaining how to care for the plants.
Attach with small pieces of double-stick foam mounting tape.
Or you could attach them to driftwood or bark as a hanging or free-standing ornament.
Garden hose and sprayer, which you'll attach to a water spigot to clean your equipment at the end of a messy day.
He even regretted that no one remembered the correct shape of a torture rack or the appropriate way to attach a prisoner to it.
Cut out two triangles for the ears and one triangle for the beak, then attach with glue.
The receptacle is the point at which the floral parts attach to the tip of the specialized stem bearing the flower.
Reading it undermines the iconic idea of it as a univocal, divinely authored book and our desire to attach to it as such.
We attach a premium to spontaneity, even if it produces blather.
Simply attach a request for volunteers to be interviewed.
Attach electronically or mail per instructions below.
How weak to try to attach a ridiculous claim to a post that never made any statement of the sort, not by a long shot.
They go far, therefore, towards saving his work from the monotony that otherwise would attach to it.
Again knots may be used by an enchantress to win a lover and attach him firmly to herself.
Klebsiella can also attach to the urinary tract and infect the kidneys.
The key ingredient of the superglue that mussels use to attach themselves to rocks, boats and piers is iron, scientists say.
Both molecules bind to receptors on the surfaces of cells and block the natural compounds that normally attach there.
Attach the ends of the tubular coil to the input of your heat pump.
Or, attach a camera to a moving vehicle for perspective impossible with hand-held gear.
Attach a cargo box to the back bumper of the camping trailer.
The image will automatically attach to a new message.
Devise a secure and sturdy method to attach your slide-in camper to the body of the pickup truck.
Dealers will attach a special protector to the gasoline recirculation tube, which will prevent leakage.
Attach the swivel mount and cradle pieces by lining up the two tabs on the swivel mount with the holes on the back of the cradle.
Sketching a layout will allow you to choose the best layout option before you permanently attach items to the page.
Attach general directions with a small map to each invitation.
Dog kennels restricted to the cargo hold should feature a place where food and water bowls attach.
Attach the eyelets of the tarpaulin to the framework to make a privacy curtain.
Enclose, but do not staple or attach, your payment with this voucher.
Itching usually occurs several hours after the chiggers attach to the skin.
Feet attach with an elastic strap that can be worn with outdoor shoes.
When they are released into the air, they attach themselves to particles.
Attach a small piece of relatively stiff wire to a belt, and wrap the other end of the wire firmly around a glow stick.
Undaunted, he's working on a method to attach the tags inside the jellies' bells, where they'll be less likely to fall off.
Dolphins have also been used to detect enemy swimmers and divers, and potentially, to attach markers.
Includes full instructions on how to attach the mount to the handlebars, the stem, or the crossbar.
Using removable tape, attach the students' pieces of paper to the places where their relatives grew up.
The routine is the same: attach yourself to a metal cable and then let the zip line do all the work.
The crew will take measurements and attach a tracking antenna to the dorsal fin before returning it to the water unharmed.
Attach one length of tape to the wall and another length to the outer edge of the curtain.
Several mounting options available: attach to a post or tree with included stretch cords, or simply set it on the ground.
If your family lacks clout, an alternative is to attach yourself to a well-placed patron.
And missions to the biggest bits of junk might attach retro-rockets to them, to the same end.
At such temperatures it is not possible to attach scanners permanently to the pipes.
Cancer cells seem to attach themselves to other cells and then produce and collect cancer cells.
The value that people attach to the goods and services they buy from companies is shown by what they are willing to pay for them.
Because of these temperatures, it is not possible to attach scanners permanently to the pipes.
The idea was two decades ahead of its time, and helped to attach his name to the geostationary orbit above the equator.
The students' task was to attach the candle to a wall so that it burned properly and did not drip wax on the table or the floor.
It's still more difficult to attach their skewed values to principle.
Or consumers could buy a product from a store, attach an address sticker and drop it in a mailbox.
People attach enormous value to their monuments to past cultural glories.
We have no sound to attach to the great figures of those earlier times.
They need only attach some value to the consequences of their actions.
Our handyman shimmed up the cabinet to level with the others, and built a sort of bracket to attach it to the wall.
Take off the strings, yes, but attach two or three ropes.
The effect is the same as when children fill a pail of water, attach a rope to the handle, and then swing it around with the rope.
The remote comes with double-stick tape, so that you can attach it to a wall.
Attach a barrel to your downspout that will collect rain from your roof's eaves.
So, attach magnets to the cows and see if it affects how they orient themselves.
Surgeons attach a pump to the left ventricle of the heart, and blood flows from there into the pump.
After the first two attempts to attach a prosthetic failed, engineers found success in the third design.
Other chemicals have been found to attach themselves to orphan receptors, molecules whose intended function is unknown.
Now if they can send some up with magnets, they can attach to objects already in orbit and de-orbit them.
The jaw muscles attach to the skull and inflict stress upon it when they work.
They used a tonguelike absorption tube called a peduncle to attach themselves.
But you can simply attach size representations other than standard measurements to your colloquial expressions.
So they must necessarily attach a lot of trust to the science writers.
All words are meaningless symbols that are used to attach meaning by the sender and the receiver.
It is called a drip catcher attach it to the top of the teapot and across the spout and handle and you will not drip.
On one of the four light-guiding channels, the researchers attach antibodies that bind to the virus.
The wiring also makes it practical to attach reflectors to solar panels to gather more light.
The researchers attach polymer chains to the two sides of the molecule.
Most glaringly, it's impractical to attach a boom and camera to the back of a handheld device.
U can imagine, whenever one is sick, the stronger ones will attach the sick one.
The surface of this material has been chemically modified so that the enzymes attach securely.
Albumin, a blood protein, is included to attach polyethylene glycols together.
Then, he could attach secondary magnetic bubbles as exhaust valves to each section in the chain.
Apparently, the molds attach themselves to diesel particles, which deliver them more efficiently deep into the lungs.
Attach a copy of this supporting data to your tax return.
The clips used to attach the drumsticks to the side of the drum can snap off and pose a choking hazard to children.
Tie a loose bow or top knot in the middle of the ribbon and attach it to the top box.

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