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It's about time both government and industry realized that people do not need to atrophy with age.
According to the other, the synesthetic connections merely atrophy, but can be accessed under the right conditions.
The study found more physically fit people had less brain atrophy.
The problem with one blinding light shining from Washington is that people's own lightmaking skills atrophy.
The researchers reported that using the internet triggers key centers in the brain that usually atrophy with age and lack of use.
It is dementia which is a result of atrophy of the right temporal lobe.
Muscle atrophy has long been observed among astronauts after space flights.
If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.
Muscles atrophy and die if the cells that routinely die off can't be replaced.
Some regions experience atrophy, while other regions become hyperactive.
He did isometrics, tightening his thigh muscles to prevent atrophy, a natural reaction to injury.
After surgery, his leg will be immobilized in a brace for a month, causing the quadricep to atrophy.
They suffer significant losses in bone density and muscle atrophy after only six months on the space station.
Long-term unemployment is harder to cure, as people's skills atrophy and they become detached from the workforce.
Workers' skills may atrophy as a result of joblessness.
The easy life, clever marketing and misleading news reports have facilitated the atrophy of self-sufficiency.
Thymus continues to grow until the time of puberty and then begins to atrophy.
Skills atrophy, production is wasted, and the country suffers.
Brain science helps fill the hole left by the atrophy of theology and philosophy.
In that case, the root system would atrophy and die.
Bone density loss and muscle atrophy is a serious concern for astronauts during extended periods at zero gravity.
When the fresh bodies run out, the atrophy will set in.
The nerves below the break are then cut off from the rest of the nervous system and atrophy.
Chris is right, emulators will atrophy and no longer work as operating systems change.
Many causes of optic nerve atrophy cannot be prevented.
Disuse atrophy occurs from a lack of physical exercise.
There may be changes in the optic nerve, including swelling or scarring of the nerve, or paleness and atrophy of the optic disc.

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