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Most have since atrophied under the glare of scandal.
Especially recommend to those whose math skills have atrophied.
The infusion of money helps it exercise its atrophied military muscles.
If you go to any serpent-handling church, you'll see people with atrophied hands, and missing fingers.
Key brain element either never grew, during earliest childhood, or atrophied.
Their testes had atrophied to less than half the normal size.
Her muscles atrophied from inactivity, and she developed pneumonia.
As an ever-present reminder of that threat, he kept an atrophied brain in a jar on his desk.
Its crumbling back wall decorated with a lion's atrophied claw is proof of a toppled monarch.
All symptoms are found in people whose brains have atrophied.
It used to be a functioning party independent of labor, and now that has atrophied.
My leg grew shorter, as the muscles atrophied and the ball of the ball-and-socket joint migrated into my pelvis.
As a result, their job market skills they had atrophied.
When the seeds in our fruits become atrophied, the fruit itself gains largely in size and quality.
They increase during pregnancy and especially after delivery, and become atrophied in old age.
As a result, its technical capabilities have atrophied.
Royal ceremonies had fallen into abeyance, and the throne's political influence had atrophied.
Third, atrophied skills, overstretched supply chains and sheer complexity keep nuclear capital expenditure soaring.
Connie's peripheral vision and light perception faded, while her central vision and color perception atrophied.
Older fans of prizewinning fiction have been at the game for so long that their discernment has atrophied.
He also observed that the muscles controlling the mandibles were atrophied.
Note that the left lung is greatly compressed or atrophied.
The animals' memory and learning were impaired, they overreacted to startling noises, and their brain atrophied.
Humans' sense of hearing and smell are greatly atrophied in favor of visual acuity.
Then, in the years that followed, they watched in dismay as his spirit shriveled and his talent atrophied.

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