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No dialogue or action is needed to illustrate the atrocity of the scene.
But the architects thought it was an atrocity; the design was totally antithetical to the Modernist cube.
It's sad that my country is letting this atrocity happen.
Images of inhumanity and atrocity are burned into our memories.
To turn around and say we could farm kangaroos and eat them is an absolute atrocity.
Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War.
We are fighting against men with blind hatred and armed with lethal weapons who are capable of any atrocity.
The bombs were the worst single terrorist atrocity on British soil.
To this day no group has clamed responsibility over this atrocity.
In any case, an atrocity must first be investigated by national authorities.
For the moment, at least, the Spanish people are united in their grief and in their anger at whoever committed the atrocity.
It won't work everywhere, since not every potential atrocity situation occurs in places with good connectivity.
Inevitably, these atrocity stories are inflated, as new applicants for asylum get more inventive about what was done to them.
It was as if our possession of the image of the atrocity somehow authenticated it.
Atrocity watchdogs have also raised warning signals.
Al-Ali defended this atrocity in his own country and to the rest of the world.
State-enforced amnesia suppressed immediately the entire atrocity with frightful efficiency.
Later in the novel, a character dies in a manner that obviously recalls a notorious contemporary atrocity.
Wherever there is large scale atrocity there's gun bans.
He supported me in my protests of the latest atrocity.
After such an atrocity, the police are naturally enough under huge pressure to show results.
Read literally, that could include almost any atrocity.
And above all, this is our guilt for allowing such atrocity to take place.
Beyond the legal hurdles, there are grave political repercussions to responding to an ongoing atrocity.
They even managed to smuggle out some of their pictures to alert the world to this atrocity.
They often face moral or ethical dilemmas in their work, and may be exposed to atrocity and human rights abuses.
Okay, this is an atrocity that has gone on for years.
For any individual or group to try to scam these families who are trying to rebuild their lives is akin to another atrocity.
Rather, it should compel us to do more to end this atrocity.

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