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These atoms are missing an electron and are thus positively charged.
Ozone is a highly reactive molecule that contains three oxygen atoms.
The atomic transistor works, as its name suggests, by shuffling individual atoms around within the device.
Cool a gas of rubidium atoms to one-hundred-millionth of a degree above absolute zero or less and something strange happens.
The two new elements are radioactive and only exist for less than a second before decaying into lighter atoms.
When a neutron hits metal, it displaces atoms within the crystal lattice.
Hydrogen atoms are the smallest and lightest in the universe.
The best approximation of the number of atoms in a kilo of mixed-isotope silicon is still an order of magnitude too vague.
The conductor's atoms impede the flow, causing power to dissipate as heat.
In doing that calculation, it helps a lot if you know what the atoms in question are-in other words, the amino-acid sequence.
The atoms in a gas are disordered to the extent that there is no way to tell one from another.
In one way or another, atoms of different elements are brought close together to form their crystalline lattices.
Clusters of copper atoms were attached to each cell in the array, and data was stored by attaching electrons to the clusters.
We can already teleport the information of a photon, cesium atoms and beryllium atoms.
Solar cells work because visible and ultraviolet light are powerful enough to knock electrons free from atoms.
When sunlight hits the cells, it knocks electrons loose from their atoms.
After the pulse is lifted, the atoms realign, emitting a radiofrequency signal.
He claimed that, fundamentally, atoms are made up of of bits of information.
Today roughly half the nitrogen atoms in an average human body have come through an ammonium factory.
Once lined up, the hydrogen atoms create their own magnetic signal.
In fact, it is converted to folate in the liver by the addition of four hydrogen atoms.
In general, asteroids are heated by the decay of radioactive atoms scattered throughout their insides.
The model tries to make a connection between light and atoms.
He also used pulses of light to excite atoms in the ruby.
The team created these bubbles in acetone, which has molecules containing six hydrogen atoms.
As atoms change, they emit different levels of radioactivity.
Angels are represented by atoms and nuclear odds and ends.
The real irritation comes when you want to buy electrons, not atoms.
They are typically made using some combination of zinc, cadmium, selenium and sulphur atoms.
He is now focused on how everything is made of atoms.
In response to the neutrons, some of the plutonium atoms split apart, releasing energy and more neutrons.
One sees a transition between the fixed behavior of individual atoms and molecules and the adjustable behavior of collectives.
It must be turned back into atoms for human beings to enjoy it.
Atoms cannot be made to work for peace without making them available for war.
Neutrons are stable inside stable atoms but decay with a half life of about eleven minutes outside the atom.
Energetic protons from deep space continuously bombard our planet and strike atoms in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
These self-reconfiguring robots change shape through individual units called atoms.
If you group a bunch of atoms together, you will get gravity.
In that high place in the darkness the two oddly sensitive human atoms held each other tightly and waited.
All earthly matter consists of atoms linked together into molecules.
These free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that contain an odd number of electrons.
They are already talking about using the individual atoms themselves as memory storage units.
In effect, there's been an eternal longing to give up atoms for bits.
Quantum devices may be made of single atoms or microscopic magnetic circuits.
The object was always there: atoms and the moon's far side.
The ionosphere is a region of the upper atmosphere that contains atoms ionized by radiation from the sun.
Nanotechnology involves creating tiny structures by manipulating atoms and molecules.
The individual water molecules, which consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, are the same in each phase.
Even worse, there are more ways to fold a protein than there are atoms in the universe.
We now know that the risks of splitting atoms pale beside the dreadful toll exacted by fossil fuels.
Super-intense lasers can boot bunches of electrons from the inner region of atoms, according to a new study.
If we're dealing with the random movement of atoms and molecules in a gas or liquid, then heat is an appropriate measure.
Quantum mechanics describes the properties of light, especially lasers, and the microscopic world of atoms and molecules.
Normal fission involves breaking uranium or plutonium atoms up by hitting them with neutrons.
All matter is made of atoms, and atoms are composed of smaller particles.
When certain heavy atoms are struck by a neutron, they absorb it, become unstable and split apart.
Instead of electrons carrying the current, though, it is carried by electrically charged atoms called ions.
These neutrons may then trigger the break-up of further atoms, creating a chain reaction.
The fuzzy dividing line between light and atoms has been blurred even further.
It can be compared to a cosmic movie where atoms everywhere appear and disappear synchronously.
For both of the reactions shown, the hydrogen molecules are oxidized and the oxygen atoms are reduced.
In the bulb, some of these atoms will drop to a lower energy level, releasing photons of microwave frequency.
And incredibly, they don't require laborious synthesis to combine their millions of atoms: they literally build themselves.
But at this scale, rearranging the atoms and molecules leads to new properties.
Because the energy levels of atoms are thought to be constant, atomic clocks use specific atoms as the point of reference.
Iron marks the end of the road because unlike lighter elements, iron atoms consume rather than create energy when they fuse.
Six atoms may seem minuscule--especially if they exist for only fractions of a second--but they can have huge implications.
All nuclear reactors work by splitting large atoms into smaller pieces, producing heat.
The fact that chips are made of atoms has increasingly become a problem for us.
First, atoms in a sample are exposed to a varying magnetic field that aligns them in different directions.
T he properties of materials depend on how their atoms are arranged.
First, they teleported photons, then atoms and ions.
Radio wave pulses systematically probe small sections of tissues, knocking those atoms out of alignment.
And that's even a tougher thing to do because atoms are so much heavier than electrons.
But when a voltage is applied to the electrodes, electrons bind to the metal ions, forming metal atoms that cluster together.
The trick is to make sure that the buffer layers contain concentrations of atoms that are slightly more compatible with silicon.
For example, the alkali metals bind to the chlorine atoms that hold some dioxins together, causing the dioxins to break up.
Adding atoms of boron or nitrogen enables the diamond film to conduct electricity.
But the crystal lattices of silicon and of these materials do not line up with one another because the atoms are different sizes.
If all goes as planned, some of the hydrogen atoms should fuse, producing helium and releasing energy.
To the nuclear physicist, it's about squishing together two atoms until something explodes.
Atoms in a gas, liquid, or solid are first pumped to high energy by a bright light or electric current.
The blob was an image of a few thousand atoms inside a tiny vial nearby.
The laser shoots up into the sky and excites atoms in the upper atmosphere, causing them to glow.
Some of those rogue atoms float into a nearby gas cloud and stick to fine grains of dust there.
Atoms sometimes release alpha particles during radioactive decay.
But then atoms do not have surfaces, they extend to infinity in all directions.
But if they are placed only a few atoms apart, then the space between them is not enough for some quantum fluctuations to occur.
He was also a materialist, believing that the atoms obeyed laws, not that they received external guidance.
Rubies are a type of corundum, a rare mineral made up of densely packed aluminum and oxygen atoms, which are normally colorless.
Only the tiny bits of matter, atoms and molecules, have even been observed in a quantum state-until now.
They may also look for clues about what particles come out of atoms when they split.

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