atmospheric pressure in a sentence

Example sentences for atmospheric pressure

The outer envelope of all four sections contains air maintained at atmospheric pressure.
It runs at normal atmospheric pressure, and uses molten salts instead of water.
And since it operates at atmospheric pressure, the need for a costly containment dome is eliminated.
The blockage would cause a local rise of atmospheric pressure.
They're shock waves, created as the expanding fuel hits the higher atmospheric pressure outside the nozzle.
Atmospheric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere overhead.
Changes in atmospheric pressure signal shifts in the weather.
As the balloon soared higher, the pressure inside stayed the same as the atmospheric pressure outside decreased.
Atmospheric pressure increases the amount of energy needed to make water boil.
Atmospheric pressure there is about half that at near-by sea level.
Since it's hot, and at higher than atmospheric pressure, this can pose safety issues.
The astronauts went ahead with their check-out procedures and doubled the atmospheric pressure in the docking module.
As the vapor condenses into rain, the local atmospheric pressure drops.
Furthermore, they do not require pressure vessels as they operate at atmospheric pressure.
But that blush dims as a surface is exposed to more oxygen, which happens when atmospheric pressure increases.
As the water rises up the mountain face the atmospheric pressure drops and the water refreezes.
Miserly throttle on petrol causes drag from the below atmospheric pressure in the inlet manifold.
Saturation vapor pressure varies with atmospheric pressure.
Form time-to-time, however, an area of high atmospheric pressure will move in over the island where you happen to be staying.
The boiling point of water is the temperature at which its vapor pressure equals the atmospheric pressure.
Radiosonde sensors measure upper-air conditions such as atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction.
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