athwart in a sentence

Example sentences for athwart

Here, the current is slowed down by a huge tree-trunk, barely submerged athwart the river bed and used by the children for diving.
Tension-type hinge zones that strike northeast lie athwart the graben.
The tanks are located in an athwart ships fashion forward of the engine compartment.
Forward thrusters tend to be tunnel thrusters, operating athwart ships.
The night is done and the glimmer of light is spread athwart the political skies.
Athwart the sky were long sweeps of fibrous white clouds presaging rain.

Famous quotes containing the word athwart

Forth from his dark and lonely hiding-place, (Portentous sight!) the owlet Atheism, Sailing on obscene wings athwa... more
But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover! A savage place! ... more
I am never tempted to pray but when a warm feeling for my friends comes athwart my heart.... more
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