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Moreover, to mis-estimate athletics is equally bad whether their importance is magnified or minimized.
Similar examples of peculiar rituals and regimented routines in athletics abound.
Gene therapy, say a host of researchers, three of whom call for more oversight of the technique's use in athletics.
It has led press coverage of health concerns in all levels of athletics.
Many regard amateur athletics as more pure than professional athletics, though obviously this can be argued both ways.
Already we're seeing athletics tainted by medications that can improve performance while imposing nasty side effects.
For now, the main risk has to the potential for cheating in athletics tournaments.
But according to a common criticism of modern sport, these same developments have destroyed the value of athletics.
For intercollegiate athletics, he offers a beguiling defense.
The game itself was hardly a display of stellar athletics.
Booing, as all serious athletics enthusiasts know, is a sign of displeasure.
He has since found renewed drive and harnessed technology to overcome his physical challenges and compete in elite athletics.
What they often fail to understand is that the level of athletics is well beyond students playing club games.
Big-time college athletics seems another example of losing one's way while pursuing profits.
And there are television stations who make millions of dollars off of collegiate athletics.
The main athletics stadium and the aquatics centre received only one serious bid each.
There is, however, one item that athletics crucially lacks: a ball.
The topic is certainly teachable in the fifth grade, along with esoteric literature and intricate athletics.
The expectations of parents and athletes can differ sharply from the realities of college athletics.
Psychologically, these people need athletics more than the athletic programs need them.
But spending on college athletics continues to soar, a new study finds.
The focus on academics and athletics started in grade school.
And if this sport can knock some sense into college athletics, everyone will be cheering.
Their resolutions come at a particularly low time for college athletics.
The team will lose four scholarships, and the entire athletics department will be on probation for the next four years.
Athletics offer students a chance to grow and develop physically, as well as emotionally.
One of the goals of high school athletics is learning lifetime values.
Participation in athletics plays an important role in the development of the students.

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