athleticism in a sentence

Example sentences for athleticism

However, the fact remains that the outlet they choose to exercise their athleticism is not a sport but entertainment.
Spinners need a contortionist's fingers, not the athleticism of a fast bowler, which is why it has thrown up some unlikely heroes.
Anyone can watch and see the athleticism of the individual players.
Athleticism is impressive but essentially prosaic, a matter of muscle.
The athleticism of these players is almost inconceivable.
We are used to the idea that normal humans can perform challenging feats of athleticism.
Their size is important, and their length and athleticism are a great advantage.
The problem is that audiences are wowed by athleticism and don't seem to value the beauty of grace in performance.
Plays with instinct but is generally lacking in athleticism.
The on-court action is full of athleticism and grace.
He started acting late, he was untrained, and his superb looks and natural charm and athleticism could carry him only so far.
Dressage is a difficult discipline requiring significant athleticism from both horse and rider.
To develop your athleticism you need to try a lot of sports.
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