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Neither of these sports require a large amount of athletic ability.
Sports engage the athletic ability of the participant.
At my large public university, the athletic programs are required to be self-sustaining.
Their comparative advantage lies in their athletic ability.
My lasting memory of this summer is more than an athletic accomplishment.
Those that have lived clean, athletic lives tend to get old and be clean and athletic.
But his athletic affiliation matters less than his track record.
Sixty years ago, the athletic cognoscenti held that running a four-minute mile was physically impossible.
Amateur athletic affairs are dull enough these days.
The athletic director did not respond to calls today.
Athletic footwear has had a major impact on fashion and consumer spending.
Although doctors recommend regular exercise to maintain a healthy heart, long-term athletic training comes with risks.
While we're mostly positive on this kicker, but the shoe isn't much of an athletic performer.
Players are arriving on campus already suffering from the aches and pains of overuse, athletic trainers report.
Disenfranchised former prisoners can be denied work in an eccentric range of jobs, from athletic trainer to funeral director.
Some people's genes are preset for maximal athletic performance.
It is not uncommon after crush injuries, falls, and athletic feats.
Sure, the procedure had been used for cosmetic purposes, but never for athletic performance.
The answer is that adjusted for number inflation, human athletic performance turns out to have been roughly constant over time.
Sight, particularly as it pertains to extreme athletic feats, is fast becoming overrated.
The effect didn't arise from athletic triumph alone-the emotional intensity of a win seemed to determine its electoral impact.
Great athletic shoes blend creativity, comfort, support-and science.
However, the athletic actress could clearly hold up her end of any action scene.
While these guys might be great at athletic pursuits, their sound performance is lacking.
These are working great for her many athletic activities.
But the brains of the athletic mice in particular showed many more.
In this unusually readable economics tome, the authors offer a reminder that money has never been far from athletic exploits.
Some believe the quick, painless pricks also boost the animal's athletic performance.
One was significantly more intelligent than the other, or one more athletic than the other or more driven the other.
Right whales, for all their size, are surprisingly athletic.
Athletic scholarships would be offered much more sparingly.
There he picked up scuba diving, one of his many athletic pastimes.
What you don't often think of are athletic feats of any measure.
The day pack holds quite a bit, but it's aimed more at volume and athletic endeavors.
Great read, and a great look inside a country's elite athletic program.
Society has grown to place an emphasis on being athletic and to look down on the smart kids.
They don't rely on elaborate spreadsheets or athletic statistics or long lists of pros and cons.
Athletic performance can also deteriorate, since blood functions as the body's natural coolant.
Skating fosters a kind of athletic sisterhood that's tough to find once you leave high school or college.
Now a new study finds that a good motivator for some apnea sufferers to get treatment could be improved athletic performance.
He found a boiler room full of athletic-looking graduates pounding the phones.
The first contention, that college athletic programmes exploit student athletes, is not entirely fair or true.
No university would offer him an athletic scholarship.
The seams are designed to reduce irritation caused by chafing, and spandex lends an athletic, unrestricted fit.
The competing needs for childcare, academic and athletic success, and children's safety are compelling.
Patiently but insistently, they chiseled away for years at athletic segregation.
Touch a dolphin and you can feel the density of muscle-a body taut and powerful, consummately athletic.
It seemed that everybody in the athletic department was using dmso on injuries, he recalls.
As a result, military athletic teams were dismantled.
Her firm, athletic body had grown slimmer and more seductive over the summer.
Whatever personal or athletic demons he was taking on, he would use his return to cycling as a way to spread his message.
He moves with an athletic slouch, and his fair skin is weathered from years of island sun.
We've come to a new normal and that normal calls for a close inspection of every program, athletic and academic.
They need to value intellectual attainment as much as they value athletic attainment.
If you're looking for a fun, athletic replacement to your waterproof yellow galoshes, we've found one for you.
For a species that prides itself on its athletic prowess, human beings are a pretty poky group.
She was kind of a beginner, but she was pretty athletic.
He was thin as a wire and athletic and energetic and mentally alert.
Considering his overall athletic skills and talents, it was only a matter of time and practice.

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