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Our ultra light sports pack for the quick footed athlete.
In the seventies, the pro athlete started to truly become empowered, as television embraced sports as a viable revenue stream.
These methods are not only an inefficient way for an athlete to cool down, but they can actually be quite dangerous.
At some universities, endowment per athlete exceeds over-all endowment per student.
But in the past decade, the labour market has resembled an ageing athlete.
High-tech machines showed how the air moved around the athlete.
Genetic makeup isn't the only thing that produces an elite athlete.
The suspension would be in effect for as long as the injured athlete is unable to play as a consequence of that injury.
All you need is an athlete chewing candy operating a treadmill powered generator.
For the athlete who wants an all-in-one device, this wrist-top racer is it.
Medals connected to a popular athlete or a piece of sporting history can sell for tens of thousands of pounds.
It's meant to identify changes in the athlete that would be the result of doping.
And maybe, along the way, another athlete will drop by to see themselves instantly turned into an avatar.
However, beating poverty by becoming a super athlete is not.
Millions of people enjoy surfing, but it takes a special kind of athlete to tackle the biggest swells.
What trendy workout courses can offer to the adventure athlete.
As a personal trainer, and a natural athlete he has a strong sense of balance.
The air's reaction, namely pushing upward, helps the athlete achieve lift.
Every scholarship athlete should receive a voucher, redeemable at any time, for five years of free education and living expenses.
He fancied himself an athlete of possibilities and a supple dancer.
Another athlete broke into film in a similar manner.
The traits of perseverance and empathy defined an athlete who defied barriers to become the top-ranked tennis player in the world.
The doubters ask whether this affable erstwhile athlete will show the steel needed to take difficult decisions.
Tell them they're using equipment that previously belonged to a professional athlete.
The result is a rare comprehensive study of an athlete over his entire career.
Testing for this type of doping would be easy, though, since the athlete's body would still carry too much of the hormone.
Coaches measure lactate levels as one way of evaluating an athlete's level of training.
Athlete-welfare matters and administrative duties rounded out the demands.
Both the student-athlete and the music major have coaches.
She got good grades, but she was also an athlete and a leader.
Patty frightened nobody, but she'd been a standout athlete in high school and college and possessed a jock sort of fearlessness.
The athlete's dilemma points to a larger confusion about money and education and what it's all for.
The professional athlete knows there's always another game or another year coming up.
Neither condition is beneficial to a professional athlete.
Playing through such injuries puts an athlete in danger of sustaining further, more severe brain damage.
It is my opinion, as a former college athlete, that the concussion in football is almost inevitable.
What any artist or athlete knows is that self-consciousness is a burden.
The book was an account of a superstar athlete's last season.
Every high school athlete knows that feeling of being in the zone, performing in the moment.
Most were shocked that a top athlete at a top university would take his own life.
He participated in science fairs, but also figured that if he became an athlete, he might get picked on less.
As an athlete, every waking move, utterance and action one takes is put under a microscope.
The truly exceptional athlete, though, makes a quantum leap.
So if you were in the older half of your school year, there's a slightly higher chance that you will be an athlete.
He's on the football team-he's an athlete-so he knows how to use those feet and legs.
Although he was an enthusiastic athlete, he lacked the natural gifts to distinguish himself in any sport.
From his bed, paralyzed athlete leads fight for health insurance.
Perhaps two pints of an athlete's blood are removed and kept in frozen storage while the athlete's body makes up the shortage.
My favorite part of the job: using sport as a way to write about the culture of a country or an athlete.
You've gone a long way toward dispelling the myth that there's no such thing as a genuine student-athlete.

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