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It fits with a large body of research showing emotional asymmetry in the brain, he said.
Neither one of us was comfortable with the asymmetry in our roles or the apparent gender reversal.
It may not need a universal asymmetry to explain the prevalence of matter.
The thing that fascinates me is the asymmetry of this process.
The asymmetry in money spent and effect achieved between the two sides is staggering.
The color seeped back into his face, and the asymmetry disappeared.
Combines empirical and clinical research on brain asymmetry with theoretical perspectives.
There is, admittedly, a risk that asymmetry could rise if euro countries specialise more.
In fact, there are theories which explain how such an asymmetry could have occurred.
For me, a single earpiece drives me crazy with its asymmetry.
As for the asymmetry of her calves, that would be untreatable and permanent.
Unless one resorts to disembodied souls as the reason for asymmetry.
Among the poorer countries, this asymmetry caused uproar.
The truth is that there is an asymmetry in these matters that belies the nomenclature.
Once upon a time, he had some useful insights on information asymmetry.
In the parlance of economists, this is information asymmetry.
There is a completely asymmetry of scepticism about methodologies here.
At the heart of all special operations is asymmetry.
Balconies tilt gently toward the stage, and a subtle asymmetry sets the room slightly on edge.
It is a wonder that this information asymmetry has lasted for so long.
After he finished walking around the stage, a small asymmetry in his gait was visible.
Also, if one eye looks cherry-red while the other is much duller, this asymmetry may hint at a blockage in one eye.
The asymmetry causes flyers to lose speed as soon as they start to turn.
With sensor networks this traffic asymmetry is inverted: they send far more data than they receive.
The second key decision was crucial: creating asymmetry between writers and followers.
In fact, asymmetry of trade barriers goes the other way.
Engineering a purposeful tilt or asymmetry takes far more design and study than to build a straight symmetrical building.
The overthrow of the book would have happened long ago but for the great user asymmetry inherent in all media.
But there is an asymmetry in the way the characters are conceived that undermines the film's credibility.
The trouble with terrorism is what the theorists call asymmetry.
Last season, he got carried away with architecture and asymmetry.
Increases in strategic defaults could be averted by quick efforts to address this asymmetry.
But owls, because of their ears' asymmetry, hear sounds slightly differently through each ear.
One challenge is that there is an inherent asymmetry to his principles.
Loss aversion creates an asymmetry that makes agreements difficult to reach.
And they say this asymmetry could form the basis of a new kind of quantum public key encryption system.
Their quantum cash is based on a new kind of asymmetry: that two identical knots can look entirely different.
All people are born with genetic coding that regulates body symmetry and asymmetry.
It's pretty common to see them, but what struck me is the asymmetry of the lanes: they are darker on the bottom than at the top.
It also doesn't directly address, but alludes to the asymmetry in the debate.
Because there clearly isn't any difference in the macroscopic laws of physics with respect to time asymmetry.
The link may be due to an asymmetry in how daydreams affect mood.
There is an asymmetry between the two source populations as farmers tend to greatly outnumber nomads.
With a bit of an asymmetry at its formation supernova it might have gotten quite some speed.
These then destroy information and quantum information and impose a fundamental time asymmetry to the universe.
There is a basic and undeniable asymmetry between an occupying power and an occupied people.
Money, by creating this asymmetry, gets what it wants much more often.
One key to the puzzle is the asymmetry between personal and public grief.
To begin with, there is serious information asymmetry at play, as well as obvious conflicting interests.
The developing world is no longer willing to accept this gross asymmetry and protectionism.
There is serious information asymmetry at play, as well as an obvious conflict of interests.
There is no asymmetry of information, rather insurance simply is no longer possible.
Firstly, scientifically appropriate disclosure should be implement quickly to crack down asymmetry of information.

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The universe is asymmetric and I am persuaded that life, as it is known to us, is a direct result of the asymmetry... more
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