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There's a famous economics article about asymmetric information markets that uses used car buying as an example.
The charge build-up requires an asymmetric crystal structure or the presence of impurities.
No ruffles or asymmetric hems, and make sure heels are not too high.
He produced great earlier work on the economics of asymmetric information, and later on economic development and capital markets.
So they negate many of an insurgent's asymmetric advantages.
The patterns are always abstract, the designs asymmetric.
But by stepping in to rescue markets when they wobble, central bankers create asymmetric risk.
The relationship between the two levels is asymmetric.
Even modifying weapons systems to make them better-suited to asymmetric conflicts does not protect them from the budgetary axe.
That's because the traditional hedge-fund fee structure is asymmetric.
Maybe the solution would have to be found in kind of asymmetric markets.
The switching costs at this point are both high and asymmetric.
Asymmetric triple threat: hilarious, demented and seemingly dead earnest.
Leathers are distressed, collarbones stab out of asymmetric necklines.
Other patterns included blots on tops with asymmetric skirts and tiny floral prints in graphic curves on dresses.
Pulling thousands of soldiers in the prime of their life to fight full scale war against asymmetric foes is not stable.
Diplomacy goes asymmetric and the small defeat the large.
Asymmetric threats are new, but they can be met by adapting doctrine, training and equipment.
Their discovery can be phrased simply: enciphering schemes should be asymmetric.
If it is going to be an asymmetric bet then it should be asymmetric in my favour.
The universe seems to be asymmetric in a number of strange ways.
But the actual relationship is both nonlinear and asymmetric, meaning that unfolding is not the reverse of folding.
She sees herself more as a guerrilla, adept in the arts of asymmetric warfare.
Furthermore, asymmetric hermit crabs usually have a larger right claw, as do king crabs.

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The universe is asymmetric and I am persuaded that life, as it is known to us, is a direct result of the as... more
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