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They are welcome to the asylum they seek for their offence, since they take refuge in their folly.
The number of people who sought asylum in industrialised countries fell last year.
The inmates are running the asylum.
He became ill and disabled and spent the last years of his life in an insane asylum.
Narika runs a hotline and provides women with assistance such as finding them an attorney and helping them apply for asylum.
The debate over asylum during the election campaign is similarly surreal.
It was a lunatic asylum.
Camille went mad and spent her last 30 years in an asylum.
But nothing could be more completely concealed than the entrance to their asylum.
He spent his last 22 years in a mental asylum; today his works are hardly known.
Some of them are involved in the asylum movement.
The amount of effort and patience required to match these asylum inmates with their combat experiences is awe-inspiring.
Everyone in the boat knew that if they got to the beach they were free-they'd be granted asylum.
Sure, it's more creative than chocolate and flowers, but mental-asylum accessories don't exactly scream romance.
Everybody that crosses the boarder must have their application for asylum tried before they are flown back.
Some may even see a short spell in a western jail followed by an application for political asylum as enticing.
He was concerned about other people who have political asylum here.

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