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Example sentences for astray

In this overstuffed sentence, three plural nouns appeared between the singular subject and the verb, leading us astray.
But foreign donors are also frustrated that aid money goes astray.
But a traveler half-crazed by thirst could go fatally astray while pursuing such a vision.
The dietary guide introduced a decade ago has led people astray.
The briefcases also have a tracking feature that allows a computer gone astray to call home for help.
Even in this short sentence, the intervening phrase led us astray.
Many millions of dollars of foreign aid have already gone astray.
Periodically, once or twice a decade, the river of krill seems to go astray.
He soon grew wise to the tactic, and would not be led astray.
First, where this article goes astray in my opinion.
But several others described being led astray by studies that turned out to be immaterial or steeped in opaque discourse.
But chemical and biological kit and agents may also have gone astray.
He worried about leading his frightened countrymen astray.
Bad judgment and shoddy data-processing and programming led more money to go astray.
Further, parents are being led astray by advertisers.
But if the beam is obscured by clouds or fog, the bomb can go astray.
They would come in a capacity that would prevent the ability to choose right from wrong, to be tempted, or to be led astray.
It's a minefield, and there are many ways the unwary can go astray.
The same source also noted that her straightforward, no-nonsense character may also have led her astray.
The ochre walls of the piazza are also scarred, with pockmarks from bullets gone astray.
We have been led astray by money and believe that it is the solution.
Another candidate went as far astray as is possible in answering the question.
Careers often go astray because people are competent at things they find unrewarding.
They may be led astray by where their handlers think drugs and explosives are hiding, too-even when there aren't any.
It's obvious they're holding back-delaying and leading us astray in every way they know.
He tells much, and what he does not tell he leaves you to infer, without risk of going astray.
In this he went legally, philosophically and morally astray, although his politics may be sound.
Do not be led astray by your emotional desires for companionship.
Be willing and able to rein in the conversation if it goes astray.
Generally, refund checks can go astray for a variety of reasons.
Refund checks go astray for reasons that can vary with each taxpayer.
Refund checks can go astray for a variety of reasons.
Good intentions have been known to go astray and here's another example.

Famous quotes containing the word astray

Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but one who rejects a rebuke goes astray.... more
Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.... more
Many will come in my name and say, I am he!' and they will lead many astray.... more
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