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Information-gathering about individuals has reached an astounding level of completeness, if not actual malevolence.
The cost to the nation in lost time and resources is astounding.
Few things more astounding than electoral democracy have been invented.
The implications, to those of us in the research community, are astounding.
The astounding thing is that this process has no end.
There are times when rock's rhetorical insularity becomes almost astounding.
How astounding for a boss to think he was, well, the boss.
The past three decades have seen an astounding evolution of computers and communications technology.
Almost as astounding was the presence of a complete set of clothes and a variety of gear.
Even then, the diversity of ethnic food was astounding.
But it adds, tantalizingly, that these same troublesome genes play a critical role in our species' astounding success.
Yet these wines were even more astounding than the malvasias.
He participated fully and joyfully in an astounding array of the functions of the modern research university.
In an astounding recovery, metals prices have almost doubled over the past year.
So it was astounding to find a place with huge cave entrances and no sign of human activity whatsoever.
The fact that our brains can reach such rapid conclusions is astounding.
Some departments have established an astounding number of committees.
Astounding detail and boardroom quality make this map excellent for reference in your home or office.
It is astounding how poorly written this article is.
There is, though, some element of pathos to the sensations of this astounding metropolis.
Virtually all flights were cancelled, and the results were astounding.
Back then it was pretty astounding to have something feel so instinctive.
Fishermen can now drop nets into holes and crevices with astounding accuracy.
The lip-service to education and developing technologies in this country is astounding.
Please check out the store and enjoy the astounding savings, while knowing every purchase will help dig us out of a big hole.
The night filming of the great white shark leaping out of the water is astounding.
Having considered the reasons for the reasoning process as they were explained, the logical jumps are astounding.
Speleologists are called in, and yet another astounding find alters the picture.
These photos are really astounding and highly imaginative.
Oneill knows what you want to wear when the waves are pounding and your tan is astounding.
The low level of economic literacy on these posts is astounding.
What this author doesn't know, what perspective he lacks, is astounding.
The insecurity being displayed on this thread is astounding.
What's actually astounding is that the problems are still there despite having been reported in public.
If it's an astounding piece of research then it matters not one bit.
The governments intrusion in our personal lives is astounding.
Most astounding of all was the way he turned a fiasco into a great success.
He is confident that the word will take hold as more and more of his astounding predictions come true.
But the sights around us, revealed for the first time, were an astounding surprise.
But the results are potentially astounding if those two things don't scare you off and you're willing to put in the time.
The boundary between the city and country was astounding.
Without an astounding pile of empirical evidence the truth will not be known for quite some time, if ever.
The astounding thing is that the animals show no sign of physical or neurological damage.
Astounding how many woo-woo nuts troll these comments.
More astounding still, these guys consider this business as usual.
Since the inception of the national marine park, the recovery is simply astounding.
Each looked for an easier triumph, and a result less fundamental and astounding.
It seems astounding that any one should have questioned the necessity of setting up regulations.
On the contrary, the empire developed resources and energies quite astounding.
Science, when you truly understand it, is truly magnificent and astounding.
Nevertheless, sauropods were astounding creatures that could only have existed thanks to a peculiar confluence of events.
Imagine a pie chart, it's astounding to compare population sizes to each other.
The sinister violence of the deaths, their astounding suddenness and gruesomeness and simultaneity, stamped them as horrific.
In retrospect, it is astounding how short the period of the revolution's great achievements was.
It has pierced the veil of silence that, for decades, has obscured the astounding growth of what can fairly be called plutocracy.
He's a storyteller and a singer, and he brilliantly improvises an astounding proportion of every show.
The technique of magnetoencephalography, for example, is producing astounding insights into the way the human brain works.
That's an astounding claim and one that many physicists will want to pour over before popping any champagne corks.
Also, contrary to your claims about the eye, the human vision system is an astounding feat of engineering.
It was astounding how something so commonplace, so elemental, could have so many variables.
Each village or district has its own unique costume and the variety is astounding-spiders and witches, animals and jesters.
But the breakthrough was astounding, a journalistic coup.
Already, the results are astounding: the traps show no weevils in places where before there would have been hundreds.
From an environmental standpoint, this is astounding.
When you think about it, this motion is quite astounding.
The lack of concern for the law among economists is astounding.
The fact that the population has increased by such magnitude is astounding.
Still, his natural, low-key quality on screen is both astounding and moving.
The streets become treacherous, and the event is astounding to behold.
The rate new chemicals are being produced and isolated is astounding.
The disease toll of this human excrement is astounding, killing more people worldwide than any other single cause.
What's astounding, is how few people actually follow this age old and good advice.
Although these results so far seemed astounding, one potentially mundane explanation remained.
As is so often the case, where you find one kind of astounding genius, you find another glaring deficit.
The breadth of topics was astounding, but the one that stood out was the study of planets beyond our solar system.
More astounding than the retrograde detailing is the lack of a kitchen and a bathroom.
One stalwart official after another has stepped forward with astounding accusations of impropriety.
The astounding array of particulars invites one to pause and see if he cannot abstract the generals.
The proliferation of new poetry and poetry programs is astounding by any historical measure.
We believe that in the meantime, however, astounding profits will be made.
Trading shots, they soldiered on with less and less art and more and more astounding resilience.
Considering her extreme lifelong aversion to press, this seems astounding.
T he extravaganza brought together an astounding cross section of creative talent.
Astounding it may be, but it is not entirely unexpected.
Only from studies of cell-by-cell connections does the astounding similarity emerge.
Looked at from this perspective, the high-tech medicine with which we're rocketing into the twenty-first century seems astounding.
The following website is usually exceedingly astounding.
The atmosphere above his observing site was calm and steady, aiding him in getting such an astounding picture.
The effects have been in place for only forty years and already the results are astounding.
The conceit and ignorance on display here is astounding but entirely expected.
He told me the amount of money that was spent by the university that had nothing to do with education and it was astounding.
It is a survey, yet one not only of astounding breadth, but also of great depth.
Astounding to see such complacency preached by someone who should surely know better.
They have exhibited astounding carelessness and cruelty in their depiction of my father and my entire family.
At the beginning of your book, you describe an astounding encounter you had in a church parking lot.
Technologically, they are ingenious rather than astounding.
The motorcycle community is experiencing astounding growth.
For such an isolated spot, it was an astounding event.
The number of ticks on an infested moose can be astounding.
These days electronic records are created by government agencies at an astounding rate.

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