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Students can gain easy online access to an astonishing array of ready-made term papers, and for a fee, they can get.
Well, you can find that astonishing and stupendous principle in any basic micro-economic undergraduate elementary textbook.
Among mammals alone, the number of nocturnal species is astonishing.
In general, the more barren the desert is, the more rare and astonishing the flower show will be.
It's astonishing how much trees can vary in fall color.
For the last several years, scientists have been discovering new planets elsewhere in the universe at an astonishing rate.
We have an astonishing capacity not to see things in our midst.
The sheer diversity and abundance of life is astonishing.
Differences among alters can be nothing short of astonishing.
The astonishing variety in the flower is part of its fascination.
It's astonishing to have such ornate refinement in the middle of the stark landscape.
Military health care costs are rising with astonishing speed.
Facts such as one in five crimes are committed by cops is astonishing.
Hosting an astonishing array of living things, our hospitable planet is becoming less so for many species.
And the body of the observatory is the ice itself, an abundant medium with an astonishing natural clarity.
And modern pilot training is an astonishing success story.
The stigma that remains with mental illness is astonishing.
Learn more about squid and other cephalopods, their astonishing capabilities, and what they have in common with humans.
The power of mathematics, though, is nothing short of astonishing.
The variety of uses for recycled trees is astonishing.
But still it's really astonishing when you realize that's how it came out.
As a result the state is an astonishing blend of cultures.
The astonishing part was the parade of senior faculty members offering condolences for the outcome.
Immerse yourself in the astonishing wonders of the deep through colorful maps, photos, and satellite images.
The astonishing thing is you do not even need to overlay real bars-even illusory ones will do.
It's astonishing that reading, mediation, and breathing exercises haven't been prohibited.
The publicity, and the volunteer help it generated, were astonishing.
It is astonishing that human interests are always considered supremely higher in status than animal interests.
It's astonishing that this commentary wasn't written by an athletic director or someone in senior administration.
The differences in responses to the two sets of evaluations were absolutely astonishing.
It is an astonishing account of hardship and deliverance by education.
Most of them found engaging new paths in life and their affectionate recollections are astonishing.
More important, the guy has astonishing talent when it comes to singing songs.
It is astonishing that this type of violence does not occur more often.
Astonishing results may follow that will shake your entire belief system.
At once routine and astonishing, and even more astonishing for being routine, the summer sockeye run has started.
It was an astonishing demonstration of versatility and endurance.
Then there is the astonishing difficulty of consistently hitting the right notes, let alone making music.
But duck skin has such an astonishing capacity for holding.
Instead, it's all about voices-and the voices are astonishing.
It would be astonishing if that occurred without disrupting existing life.
It is moving to build the self-perpetuating effects that come with such a platform with astonishing speed.
Where attempts to use the telephone are rewarded with astonishing demands for payment, whether calls are connected or not.
It would be an astonishing achievement if it happens and works.
The naivete--putting it charitably--expressed in this essay is astonishing.
Both, perhaps especially the second, are fairly astonishing in their completeness.
All this put together will get the astonishing speed-up effect.
The idea of undergoing liposuction under local is astonishing.
The diversity of the breeds is something astonishing.
They were a race of astonishing boldness and energy.
To meet with this people is astonishing to me, and seems to me worthy of attention.
Water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a meadow and a stroke.
Nevertheless literature does get itself translated, sometimes with astonishing adequacy.
Our population has augmented in an astonishing degree and extended in every direction.
What is now done is far more extraordinary, more awful, and more astonishing.
It is astonishing how quickly a simile heard in a play will come into current use.
Jay's work is so astonishing that even magicians sometimes can't believe it.
It's astonishing what you can not know about the place where you live.
They are also much stranger in fact than in fiction, with truly astonishing capabilities and many bizarre characteristics.
From this standpoint, the confidence of central bankers in their ability to forecast is quite astonishing.
When it comes to the children of particularly rich donors, the bending-over-backwards reaches astonishing levels.
Yet-astonishing as it may seem-conditions could be a lot worse.
Her rich detail and astonishing research of the time is breathtaking.
Compared with past geologic events, the speed and scale of this conversion is astonishing.
Under closer scrutiny, the astonishing evidence was eventually thrown out of the court of scientific opinion.
It is astonishing to see people advertise their ignorance as though it were a qualification.
As astonishing as it seemed, that relentless progression held true.
US politicians have been playing this astonishing, suicidal game for months now.
There was always something astonishing to look at in every direction your eyes went.
Some stick around beyond their astonishing first victories and go on a run.
In fact, the improvements in the electrical efficiency of computing are nothing short of astonishing.
Laws and regulations defining new federal crimes are multiplying at an astonishing rate.
Even so, it is astonishing that the study of ethics has advanced so little since the nineteenth century.
It was astonishing to me that anyone could smoke so much and drink so much and keep perfectly well.
The astonishing prices people will pay to own a piece of human history.
It's precisely the lack of lag between the birds' movements that make the flocks so astonishing.
If his prediction comes true, it will represent an astonishing triumph in rapid technological development.
That's true, although these technologies are really astonishing, still there is along way to go.
What you get to know about people you don't know simply by accidental adjacency is astonishing.
In the past five years, dark chocolate has had astonishing sales, and has grown ten times faster than milk chocolate.
What's really astonishing is to be reminded of how different this game looks depending on where you see it from.
In fact, given its conventions, its success is all the more astonishing.
He couldn't find his way back to the lexical vortex that made him a reliably astonishing mc for several years.
The first is his astonishing natural command of the art of conducting.
The police have also distinguished themselves with an astonishing level of corruption.
It is an engine of growth in the underworld of the city's informal economy, a vast sector with an astonishing volume of supply.
Yet it is a novel of victory and survival, accomplished through an astonishing act of mercy.
For the past six years, he appears to have led an astonishing double life.
But on the side of my continued life is a group of brilliant and selfless physicians plus an astonishing number of prayer groups.
One astonishing letter in the dusty envelope had never been mailed.
Astonishing new revelations soon enriched the cultish aspects of the story.
They are astonishing, those eyes: pale and opalescent, with vagrant beams of light glancing from the corneas.
The astonishing physical scale of the space underground makes visitors gasp and grin and gaze openmouthed.
Colin's physical inhabiting of the stammer was astonishing-you can see in some shots the musculature of his neck.
When put to the test, your brain remembers images with astonishing accuracy.
It's funny and wonderful, but sometimes it's his particular way of expressing his view that's simply astonishing.
By tracking changes in ancient atoms, archeologists are establishing the astonishing antiquity of modern humanity.
How beautiful and astonishing it would be to stand under the open sky and witness such a thing.
These traces help fill in the story behind the still-astonishing scientific breakthroughs.
Those figures are even more astonishing because the spiders discard the silk after they are finished feeding.
The kidneys' capacity for indulging our excesses is astonishing.
To reconstruct the complete cow, you would need to gather countless products from an astonishing array of industries.
It's so astonishing to think that we're on the one edge of the galaxy and we're viewing it from the side, in all of its glory.
The beauty of it is undeniable, as well as the astonishing and intricate nature of how it was formed.
Honestly, the blindness some of you exhibit to government corruption is astonishing.
The sight of these two sequences placed side by side is astonishing.
Not only can today's snapshooters get astonishing quality, but creative options are also expanded.
Out of this conflict grew the astonishing range of his curiosity, of his interests, and above all of his obsessed book collecting.
Though rare in ancient art, this scene has three astonishing parallels.
Eventually a terrarium was obtained for the snail, and in this larger world the creature began to display astonishing abilities.
Here are anti-Soviet spies whose story is in some ways even more astonishing and of longer duration.
Astonishing enough, when you think of the fearful earnestness of this chapter.
It was astonishing she should be without a roof over her head.
The astonishing visual effect is essential to the music.
The installation concludes with an astonishing juxtaposition.
The rapport between the brothers was absolutely astonishing.
More astonishing still is the pace that was maintained.
The alleged criminal scheme was astonishing in scope.

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