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It is the first discovered natural satellite of a larger asteroid.
Then one day a big, bad asteroid came along and wiped out all the dinosaurs.
Astronomers have discovered a unique set of triplets: an asteroid with two moons orbiting it.
For the first time, scientists were able to track an asteroid from space to the ground and recover pieces of it.
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By now it is common knowledge that the impact of an asteroid or comet brought the age of the dinosaurs to an abrupt end.
Water ice and organic molecules have been discovered on the surface of an asteroid for the first time.
Most meteorites are thought to originate in the asteroid belt.
Telescopes spy the closest asteroid flyby ever recorded.
Dinosaurs may ultimately have been killed off not by a huge asteroid but by tiny germs.
They survived catastrophic asteroid impacts and outlived the dinosaurs.
The huge mark was left when a comet or asteroid plowed into the planet.
Leading scientific hypotheses attribute the damage to a relatively small asteroid or comet.
The two main theories are that it is the result of an asteroid impact or a rising layer of salt known as a salt dome.
Meanwhile, geologic studies increasingly show that catastrophic asteroid and comet hits were not confined to ancient times.
It was not an alert about an incoming asteroid, a problem with the space station or a solar storm.
Or there's an asteroid-size scandal hurtling her way, and she wants to be outside the blast area when it detonates.
Meanwhile a small asteroid full of related toys, computer games and so on is set to crash into shops around the world.
Known model, instead of the asteroid belt was a planet that blown up by its inhabitants.
Rail gun technology can be used for asteroid and low gravity planetary mining, and propulsion.
In the last weeks of his life, he was told that an asteroid had been named after him.
It may not happen until after an asteroid hits the planet and kills everybody.
With the gravity plan, a spacecraft would not have to dock on the asteroid, but instead hover above its surface.
Scientists believe that the impact of an asteroid only a mile wide would be globally catastrophic.
But this time we're the asteroid, destroying habitats and altering ecosystems on a global scale.
Burrowing into an asteroid and using it as a spacecraft solves a lot of problems that a conventional spacecraft has.
They searched for fragments of a meteorite--an asteroid or a chunk of one--but found none.
When an asteroid or comet impacts a planet, the explosion ejects huge amounts of material, sending it flying in all directions.
Jeff was an astronomer, specifically an asteroid hunter.

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