astern in a sentence

Example sentences for astern

The wounded had been dragged to the after-torpedo room, the compartment farthest astern.
By mid-afternoon, the sinking island far astern is smothered by incoming mists.
With his departure star astern and his destination star ahead, he could keep to his course.
It employs an underwater towed body acoustic projector, which is towed astern of the host ship by a fiber optic tow cable.
The baits skipped near the surface almost ten fathoms astern.
The annual validation decals must be affixed within six inches astern of the registration number.
By trailing wire astern and counting revolutions, one can determine distances.

Famous quotes containing the word astern

I, Alphonso, live and learn, Seeing Nature go astern. Things deteriorate in kind; Lemons run to leaves and ... more
I steer my bark with Hope in the head, leaving Fear astern.... more
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