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Most westerners associate it with earlier, darker times in human history.
It takes one to two years for a juvenile to turn from a grayish color to the pink that we most associate with flamingoes.
But the water molecules near the brush inside the jar of water can find water molecules to associate with everywhere around them.
I'm an associate editor (1 of 4) for a journal in my area of specialization.
The color comes from algae, which lends reefs the tropical colors most associate with these lush landscapes.
He was associate school and library sales manager.
As the daughter and wife of surgeons, she knew plenty about the subject and became a lifelong associate in her husband's research.
In 1994, she was hired as an associate professor at Princeton.
Pezman's articles on surfboard design led, in 1969, to a stint as associate editor for Surfing magazine.
Schwarz and purchased the perfect gift, a three-foot tiger, for the guest of honor -- the 1-year-old child of an associate.
Sure, it's fun to pop that Champagne cork in the festive way we've all come to associate with the holidays.

Famous quotes containing the word associate

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