assiduous in a sentence

Example sentences for assiduous

His staff has been assiduous at providing constituent services.
You often have to be so assiduous that it becomes tiresome.
Financial and e-commerce sites typically have these protections, but not all businesses are as assiduous.
That is, I asked our assiduous packet-compiling office to put them together.
I'm an assiduous reader of this magazine and I appreciate its contents and insights in economic matters.
Moreover, she says, her high profile is valuable to the charities for which she is an assiduous voluntary fund-raiser.
Off-duty, he was an assiduous socialite.
The author is reliable, knowledgeable and assiduous.
He has a historian's assiduous dedication to telling the truth in all its uncomfortable complexity.
Others worry about his assiduous courtship of the news media.

Famous quotes containing the word assiduous

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Miss C_____ is ... remarkably neat in her person and is uncommonly diligent in every part of useful economy.... She hath... more
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