assertive in a sentence

Example sentences for assertive

This game demands teamwork and teamwork demands strong, assertive, and focused leadership.
They're all quintessential trophy cars — sporty, assertive and flamboyant.
But be assertive, rather than aggressive.
So one lesson is the need for stronger editors, more assertive editors to perform the role they're supposed to.
Democratic leaders were largely conciliatory, saying this is a time to bridge differences, yet were still assertive.
The poet's assertive exploration of personal and political material is always engaging.
She was prickly and often defensive, assertive and opinionated.
The precocious child became a brash and assertive adult.
Judicial minimalism is gone, and the court has entered an assertive and sometimes unpredictable phase.
No nasty noises, only a gruffness that grew assertive as more throttle was applied.

Famous quotes containing the word assertive

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