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The culprit appears to be a drug akin to aspirin and ibuprofen.
Better to take two aspirin or puff on something, not surrender a necessary sense of indignation if life is unfair.
Type on a flat surface for even an hour and aspirin will be mighty tempting.
One reviewer once complained that the desk clerk wouldn't give her a free aspirin at a luxury hotel.
Recognising which patients will benefit from the use of aspirin in preventing heart attacks is a case in point.
Aspirin at a few pence per month would be a good choice.
There's no doubt that aspirin is something of a magic bullet.
Also, several of these drugs contain aspirin or acetaminophen.
It is a version of aspirin that does not cause internal bleeding when taken in high doses.
Aspirin, which was already known to help people with heart disease, seems to work primarily by reducing inflammation.
These include aspirin and ibuprofen and reduce pain and swelling in the joints.
When you buy aspirin, you can figure out the side effects without an advanced degree.
We often hear you can't give aspirin to cats because it's toxic to them, or you shouldn't give chocolate to dogs.
Aspirin is usually the recommended first-line choice.

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