asphyxiation in a sentence

Example sentences for asphyxiation

Three people inside died from asphyxiation and four others were badly injured.
Some studies suggest that prisoners are sometimes inadequately sedated, and perhaps die in silent agony from asphyxiation.
Three of the children died of asphyxiation at the scene, one was pronounced dead at a hospital and the fifth died today.
Those who died suffered from asphyxiation and heatstroke, health officials here said.
Autopsies of seventeen victims showed that they had died from asphyxiation by inhaled ash.
Without the signals, the muscles go slack, leading to asphyxiation.
Severe asphyxiation can be rapidly life-threatening.
It is those caught in a deflation trap with fixed exchange rates that face slow asphyxiation, and deeper social damage.
Medical reports revealed that he had not died from asphyxiation.
Three-quarters of avalanche fatalities are caused by asphyxiation.
Fire, asphyxiation, toxic exposures upon entry into confined spaces during ship building and repair.
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