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For his part, the mayor says asphalt pavements are more expensive to maintain than brick.
With the concave shape of the asphalt lanes, the path of the ball can be unpredictable.
Also use roofing nails to attach asphalt shingles, working up from the roof's bottom end.
Roads have the same asphalt and gully covers as decades ago.
Copy the lines in the paper square onto the asphalt square with the chalk.
There are only a few paved roads, but asphalt crews are laying down new ones every day.
Pavers are a great alternative to traditional hardscape materials such as concrete or asphalt.
First, the truck was on asphalt and it was pulling some concrete barriers on asphalt.
Asphalt roofing tile and asphalt paving material come from the same place: the bottom of the oil barrel.
No one has ever filmed the inside of a tornado-where wind can chew asphalt off a road and drive wooden splinters into tree trunks.
Nearly one-third of the land around the creek is buried under urban concrete, asphalt and buildings.
Or perhaps not, if they were recessed far enough that they only touch asphalt when the tire is bald and needs replacing anyway.
There is no evidence that asphalt rubber can be recycled, as asphalt can.
Asphalt is warm and soft before the steam roller gets to it and the fumes make you sleep extra deep.
Solar roof tiles can blend in with standard asphalt shingles.
The mob follows her a couple of blocks uptown, looking for another vacant patch of asphalt where she can make a scene.
Numerous corners and smooth asphalt make the road a favorite of drivers and cyclists alike.
Parachutes are necessary to help slow cars on the slippery salt, which has only about half the grip of asphalt.
What replaces clunky, dangerous automobiles and toxic, sprawling asphalt roads is the exciting stuff.
My feet got tougher, but were still happier with the rubber covering, especially on rocky ground and asphalt.
The last thing you need is to have the skid-lid flip off your head when you face-plant into the asphalt.
Build more shopping malls with huge asphalt parking lots.
The caustic vapors of oil, diesel, and asphalt burned their lungs.
The tumor was really a chunk of asphalt the dog was carrying in its mouth.
There was a brand-new paved road right up the valley with fresh white and yellow painted lines on the newly laid asphalt.
It's more than the smell of baking asphalt, exhaust fumes, and lack of deodorant-these smells are around all year.
He was too busy writing the kids' ideas on the asphalt, and sometimes when he spoke, his eyes were closed.
Outside a tiny terminal, a fleet of four-wheel-drive taxis waited to ferry tourists down a newly constructed asphalt road to town.
It had apparently slipped on a bed of pebbles laid over some asphalt being repaired.
Slowly, the crush trickled out and the asphalt was again almost empty, only a few stragglers rushing to beat the light.
The snow snakes writhing across the asphalt straightened into rods.
It needs a longer runway, and its weight will cause it to sink into the asphalt at many smaller airports.
Move beyond the brats and beers stereotype of dining on asphalt with an inside look at tailgating, the gourmet way.
Asphalt prices are skyrocketing as costs for oil, a key component of the paving material, are near records.
During the humid summer months, head north to the mountains to escape the mosquitoes and asphalt heat.
For a long time the area was paved in asphalt and used as a parking lot.
Heat, asphalt, all of it and my face toward the brick school where the apostolate studied first-century script and song.
The street's brick roadbed now pushes up through the asphalt in big patches, and nearly every other house is empty or for sale.
It had aromas of roasted meat, asphalt, and camphor.
Whether you're riding your bike on crunchy country gravel or gritty city asphalt, we've got you covered.
Animals became stuck and would sink into the asphalt and die.
When they need him, they send a truck to pick him up-no small feat in this distant, asphalt-free region.
In other words: the perfect setting for an off-asphalt ramble.
What the bacteria leave behind are the asphalt hydrocarbons.
They are full of craters, and the asphalt has a slope to it.

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