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Example sentences for asleep

Grizzlies, which rule the wilderness all summer, are asleep.
No student who actually wants to learn something from me is going to fall asleep during my lecture.
There have even been times when she has fallen asleep.
She trails off and falls asleep, making soft ugh noises occasionally as she drifts down.
If it were a song it would be the sort people pay to listen to in order to fall asleep.
Every night she would drive around for hours to avoid going home, and then finally get into bed and fall asleep crying.
Sometimes when the chief clerk was away or asleep he walked to the window and looked down on the vast anthill activity.
He hid out among the gorillas, waiting for me to fall asleep.
Asleep, but none shall arouse him from that slumber, and warn him that the hour of his many appointments is slipping by.
It was bold, a full orchestra, yet somehow the house felt asleep.
It seemed as if whenever she had a chance to see him, he was asleep.
Eventually the sleep loss helps some people fall asleep faster and spend more time asleep.
People who were overinvolved with their work tended to have trouble falling asleep and they tended to awaken earlier than average.
Insomnia is trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night.
To be honest, he was fast asleep under the kitchen table.
But experts say turning to the bottle is the last thing you should do if you can't fall asleep at night.
Heating pads have warnings not to fall asleep on them for prolonged periods.
When one awakes from normal sleep, one is aware that one has been asleep.
Asleep on these antennas, our bodies are exposed to the amplified electromagnetic radiation for a third of our life spans.
While my brother often took the opportunity to fall promptly asleep on his corner of the couch, the rest of us listened intently.
Often, he appears yawning and probably was asleep somewhere in the woods.
All of the patients readily recalled having seen their own face when their left hemispheres were asleep.
He'd search some forums for help, then fall asleep again.
When not asleep a koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, especially at night.
Caffeine blocks the hypnotic effect of adenosine and keeps us from falling asleep.
As you fall asleep you hear bloodhounds not far away.
When asleep, it's green color provides effective camouflage.
The radio can be set to provide an automatic alert in case a tornado watch or warning is issued, even when the owner is asleep.
She staggered and slowly slumped to the ground-asleep.
We rounded a large berg and came upon a leopard seal on the backside, sprawled out on the ice asleep.
We spend a third of our lives asleep, but sleep researchers still don't know why.
With the monkey asleep, she checks its teeth and gums, eyes and ears.
Migratory bats tend to be solitary creatures, roosting in trees and crevices, so they can't be counted easily when they're asleep.
Santorini is no longer an active volcano, but it still has earthquake tremors, so it's not fully asleep.
Then he reached across me to his number two, asleep against the door, and tapped him awake.
The little village is still asleep, its inhabitants likely descendants of the wall builders.
Then he arose from his sleep, and he had firmly in his memory all that he sang while asleep.
They were asleep at the wheel as debts mounted in the euro zone, waking up in time to provoke the latest crisis but not avoid it.
Those who took the drug were able to fall asleep more quickly and spend more time asleep than those who had the placebo.
When not asleep at their desks, civil servants openly and cheerfully ask visitors to their offices for cash.
Even being asleep, it seems, need not prevent you from using your phone.
The queen looked as is she might fall asleep during parts of the speech.
When one city is asleep, another is wide awake, so trading goes on round the clock.
Indeed, the present economic climate may further reduce the hours people spend asleep.
Likewise, if you're not tired, try taking melatonin or an herbal replacement to fall asleep.
Sleep texting is a rare condition where people send text messages while asleep.
In the original text, the dormouse is forever falling asleep.
Most of the demons are asleep now, their pointy tails curled up around them.
The mice in the control group get the usual bowl of water and are asleep by nine-thirty.
Ability to fall asleep in meetings would come in useful on interminable foreign trips.
One night he falls asleep while studying for the bar exam.
Her name came to the writer at night as he was falling asleep.
She was never at any hour of the day or night free of these consumptions, never except when she was asleep.
He says he frequently falls asleep at his computer and dreams about work.
There is not much difference between contemplating the urn and looking at my current dog, asleep on the couch.
Then he gets tired and falls asleep on top of the fan mail.
People were half asleep, or walking out in the halls.
One minute we're marching, the next minute we're asleep.
Therefore, he disavows the science and turns to something that gives him comfort so he can fall asleep at night.
But his feet had been falling asleep, and he had a tingly feeling in his hands.
It's common for the animals to fall asleep together on the couch, and it's usually extremely cute.
Clever software monitors the position of their eyes too, to ensure they haven't fallen asleep at the wheel.
If the patient were asleep and her brain began to bleed, by the time the doctors noticed, it could be too late.
Drinking alcohol may be one of the only ways you can fall asleep.
It's almost impossible to know if you will fall asleep when tired and driving.
Insomnia is trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep and waking up too early.
Then get someone to play it to you at night, while you are deep asleep.
The rest of the body chugs along seemingly unaware of whether the brain is asleep or awake.
Scheduled nap times may help eliminate the problem of air-traffic controllers who fall asleep on the job.

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