asking price in a sentence

Example sentences for asking price

But he did have to bring in partners and cash from his extensive properties around the city to meet the asking price.
If that is really the legitimate model, the asking price seems about right.
We emptied it out and painted it and sold it for over asking price.
Center operates from seller-owned building, asking price for building is balance on mortgage.
The asking price obviously reflected its status as a tourist attraction.
For a time, the peccadillo reportedly cut in half her asking price for ad work.
They don't ask any questions about the item and offer the seller full asking price.
The current owner is a willing seller to the park but his asking price is well above fair market value.
There were no other statistical differences among the proportion of new condominium units by asking price range.
Often, no questions are asked since the seller is so delighted that the buyer has offered the asking price.
You're sent a check that's actually more than your asking price.
Instead, equipment for sale is posted with an asking price and information on how to view and purchase the item.
The house next door sits on the market a little too long, then is suddenly snapped up at almost double the asking price.
Asking price if it has been recently offered for sale.
The con sends a check to pay for the goods or service, but the amount exceeds the asking price.
Removed the requirement to adjust the asking price on comparable housing to reflect market conditions in the area.
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