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Example sentences for askance

Many parents look askance at flavored milk, concerned that the last thing their children need is more sugar.
Nobody will look askance at presses that get half of their scholarly output from local faculty members.
But regulators seem to be looking askance at these claims.
Until this is accomplished schemes for refinements of our monetary system must be looked at askance.
Although many locals welcome the new project, some still look askance at its implications.
Some prospective employers look askance at sorority networking.
The world is not awash in conjugal shows, but they are no longer looked at askance.
But even he looked askance as he was put on a gurney and a technician hooked him up to a defibrillator in case his heart stopped.
All that has many people looking askance at the eggs in the supermarket and wondering what is safe.
Every sentence he writes either looks at itself askance or ushers in a following sentence that will perform the task.
He can be a bit of a self-promoter, and the profs seem to look askance at that.
He can still look askance at a varmint more contemptuously than anyone else.
Faculty members who once looked askance when asked to take on minority students in their laboratories now clamor for them.
Even boyfriends and dads are looked at askance here.
And while many might look askance at a lawsuit over locks, this is not the first.
The bystanders look askance on him in the public street or in the friend's parlor.
The people were going to church in their holiday clothes, and eyed the uncouth stranger askance.
Meanwhile mainstream economists continue to look at all the options askance, though not equally so.
We should be routing bicycles not parallel to, but askance from car roads.
His hand flashed across the table, knocking her head askance, and she flushed.
On the whole, however, the franchise looked askance at the rising counterculture.
Libyans too looked askance at his doling out of billions in their country's oil revenue to foreigners.
Look askance upon your over-privileged comrades-in-greed who, at this moment, have not enough intelligence to retreat.
Costs outside the enumerated items are viewed askance and with a narrow eye.
The highway community viewed the new agency askance since it defined its mission as including highway planning as well as transit.
But citizens appearing out of the blue in skin diving equipment are to be looked upon askance.
Police sometimes look askance at private security, yet in their off-duty employment they may be part of that occupation.
The time is now to look askance at the primacy and the favoritism, extended to the media, which shows through in.

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