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Next to him, beneath a prominent no-smoking sign, sits an ashtray filled with cigarette ends.
But by the same argument, so is a seashell or a goldfish or an ashtray.
It seems odd that she has a cheerful ashtray with a mouselike creature attached.
Whether a driver smokes or not, the fact that an automobile has a bad ashtray says quite a lot about its interior design.
Greta lifted a plastic ashtray off the nearest shelf.
When the art teacher called his mug an ashtray, he vomited.
She found an ashtray: no one else was allowed to smoke in her flat.
She comes back while he is picking up an ashtray he dropped and is convinced that he is lying.
As he talked, he moved his ashtray to a precise place on his desk.
She sits up and inadvertently knocks over an ashtray concealed under the blanket on the bed.
Before he quit smoking he used his wooden leg as an ashtray.
If you didn't treat the world as your ashtray, you wouldn't be demonized.
Stop using your toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket.
Carry a pocket ashtray all the time or have a portable ashtray with you as you leave your home, office or car.
Never dispose of a cigarette anywhere but in an ashtray or other proper receptacle.
Avoid using your toilet for a wastebasket or ashtray.
The cigarette really needs to be completely stubbed out in the ashtray.
If you drive and smoke in your vehicle, use the ashtray.
The officers found marijuana in the ashtray and cocaine in the console.
The cigarette really needs to be completely stubbed out in an ashtray.
Smokers should fully extinguish their cigarettes in a non-combustible container or ashtray.
In a search of appellant's vehicle, two small bags of marijuana and a marijuana cigarette were recovered from the ashtray.
Carry around a piece of foil or an empty aluminum container to put your cigarette butts in when you are away from an ashtray.
Officers also discovered a digital scale in the house as well as an ashtray containing recently burned marijuana cigarettes.
If you smoke, use an ashtray and dispose of cigarettes carefully.
Also don't use your toilet for an ashtray or a wastebasket.
The cigarette needs to be completely stubbed out in the ashtray or run under water.
On a few vehicles, it is hidden behind the ashtray or some other out of-sight location.
Sit at a table while smoking and use an oversized ashtray.
Never smoke in bed or overstuffed furniture, or leaving a burning cigarette in an ashtray.
He also smelled burnt marijuana inside the pickup and noticed an ashtray containing marijuana ashes.

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Every time an ashtray is missing from a hotel, they don't come looking for you. But let a diamond bracelet ... more
Listening to a news broadcast is like smoking a cigarette and crushing the butt in the ashtray.... more
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