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The storm came ashore at the time of the high tide, which added to the surge of water being pushed ahead by the hurricane.
Lambert came on one close up in a shallow lake, and in its fright it galloped ashore, churning through the mud and water.
Most people reached land by lifeboats but some swam ashore and others were rescued by helicopters.
But as a storm nears land, the rising sea floor blocks the building water pile's escape and it comes ashore as deadly storm surge.
And if commandos are gonna make it ashore, a successful prototype will need to be nearly as discreet as they are.
There is little evidence that big hurricanes come ashore any more often than, say, a century ago.
When the splintered remains of his tiny vessel drifted ashore six weeks later, he was presumed drowned.
When the ice breaks up in the summer, the bears come ashore by the hundreds to wait for the autumn refreeze.
The splintered remains of his vessel washed ashore six weeks later.
Smaller sea scorpions are known to have crawled ashore to mate or shed their outer skins.
These storms bring destruction ashore in many different ways.
Bears didn't grow as large, and some came ashore notably skinnier.
They pulled several intact bowls from inside a large jar, took them ashore, and sold them.
He jumped ashore, chased down an armed attacker and killed him.
The boatman managed to put us ashore on a huge pile of rocks.
Now, the next wave of technology could wash ashore within two years.
Of the eight initially launched, five went ashore or failed.

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