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Example sentences for ashamed

She kicked herself, ashamed about not having the nerve or the energy to directly address his e-mailed appellation.
The nation and its church were ashamed of themselves.
Finally one came forward, shrieking at the others that they should be ashamed.
The authors of this study should be ashamed of themselves.
The design review committee that approved this solution should be ashamed of their judgment.
And for the adults, don't be ashamed to pick up one of the newest books and take a trip down memory lane.
Pica is difficult to detect because patients are often ashamed to admit to such cravings.
She felt ashamed that she hadn't yet finished her second book.
They should show some pride in what they have, not hide it as if ashamed.
People are rarely ashamed of keeping money that they had coming.
The news media should be ashamed of themselves, for the way they treated this family.
The rest are too ashamed to ever darken his door again.
Humans should be ashamed of their cruelty and greed.
It's wrong, and you should feel deeply, deeply ashamed.
Both the author and the editor need to be called out and should be ashamed that this throw-away sentence ever appeared in print.
If you are a nuclear engineer, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Bush left office because he made me feel a bit ashamed of my country.
Your mothers would be ashamed that you have forgotten the manners they taught you.
You, despite your enthusiasm, should be ashamed of yourselves.
The contrast between the two books made me feel rather ashamed.
Yes, they should be ashamed of themselves, and they should print some sort of clarification at their first opportunity.
Every journalist in this country should be ashamed of their profession.
The media should be ashamed for jumping on this bandwagon.
However, the censorship and repression occurring in our country makes me ashamed.
The history of science suggests that mistakes are not to be ashamed of, but to be embraced.
Nothing to brag about, but nothing to be ashamed of either.
Nobody should be ashamed of and made to hide the things for which his brother is praised.
The result holds little in the way of art, or even entertainment, but no one need be ashamed.
But after she has a nutritious meal, she's much less ashamed of her condition.
In any case, none of this will end up well, and you will be ashamed of yourself.
It makes me ashamed to have been hired in relatively easier times.
Those who are funding them should examine their heads and be ashamed of themselves.
The gloomy, skeptical scholar was surely mistaken, and should feel ashamed of himself.
Economist should ashamed with publishing of this misleading article.
We are not ashamed of being a country poor in natural recourses, including water and oil.
But anyways, you sir, should be ashamed of yourself.
Maybe they do have a whole different set of concept slides with extreme cattle cars but they're ashamed to show them.
If employees are not distracted or ashamed and are comfortable with it, then banning it is legislating morality.
We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents.
And those of you that can propose my suggestion because of your credentials, please don't feel ashamed to do so.
McNally should be ashamed of himself but these types never are.
Sometimes, kids feel ashamed of how they are treated and do not report these experiences.
Karl was too ashamed to write to his family or answer their letters.
Lewis is not ashamed to direct visitors' attention to the donation box on a shelf.
Many physicists are not ashamed to openly say such things.
The pathos of the ending may move the reader to tears, but they are not sentimental tears of which he need be ashamed.
The team should be ashamed of themselves and all the packer fans they let down.
Id feel ashamed spending time writing such a nonsensical article.
The board of directors should ashamed of themselves.
It is people who are benefitting from the status-quo and want it stay this way that should be ashamed.
We do not stand behind torture and are ashamed at our behavior.
Moreover, they were not ashamed to flaunt their wealth in ways that could allow ego to blend with civic pride.
They may feel scared and ashamed or think they caused the problem.
Remember, you should never be ashamed to seek medical help.
Don't isolate yourself, don't feel guilty or ashamed, and don't try to ignore it.
Some older adults may be ashamed about their drinking.

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