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But it wasn't exactly an ascetic life.
His policies had failed, but people admired his sincerity and his ascetic life.
It's just that its aesthetic is more ascetic, thinner.
He renounced his kingdom and embraced instead the path of the ascetic.
He can appear ascetic and stiff.
Local merchants dislike them because, with their ascetic ways, they are poor customers.
And imagine that, he didn't care but went into the forest as an ascetic.
Not even a figure as ascetic as Coltrane developed his art in isolation.
He knew so little of the real life of these neophytes as never to suspect that their conduct and character were far from ascetic.
Our saint inured himself from his infancy, whilst he lived in his father's house, to all the exercises of a severe ascetic life.
The faithful, under pain of severe punishment, were to return to the ascetic simplicity of ancient times.
It's even more surprising how ascetic and disciplined the band is when it comes to presenting information.
Off the canvas, however, ascetic ideals were not much in evidence.
They tend to live in an ascetic manner, and to look down on nonbelievers.
Accordingly, in his twenty-ninth year, he renounced his kingdom and became an ascetic.
Successful applicants endured an ascetic routine of prayers and work from six in the morning until ten at night.
Similarly, the ethical system that prevails in many parts of the environmental movement has a distinctly ascetic air about it.
Expecting the world to adopt ascetic puritanical conservation is simply unrealistic.
Despite the heightened attention to nutrition, gym menus aren't always ascetic.
His face was the face of a student, thin and ascetic, but his eyes had the cold gleam of the fanatic.
Chavez's ascetic life-style has had much to do with elevating farm unionism into an epic struggle.

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