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Example sentences for ascertain

They then tried to ascertain the subsequent five-year return.
This is not hard to ascertain.
The complete answer to that question is difficult to ascertain.
The number of illegal migrants is by definition hard to ascertain, but likely to be smaller than the legal sort.
The former is a lot easier to ascertain than the latter.
He will ascertain whether or not the exercise has been effective.
The names of the other four I did not ascertain.
Nothing has been written about this before as far as I have been able to ascertain, so the exercise is purely academic.
I'd ask to speak with the student about the quiz and try to ascertain what the word meant to the student.
That's why there isn't a way to ascertain the numbers with certainty.
Our next objective is to ascertain if it acts similarly in humans.
The incidence of shark disease is tough to ascertain.
Finally, conduct a survey among your alumni to ascertain their experiences during their job search.
What is not difficult to ascertain is the significance of what the coppers were told.
No one can accurately ascertain how much oil is escaping or how long before the tide can be stemmed.
So they elected a commission to ascertain what was above.
We wished to ascertain how such diversity of regional color categories correlated with ancestry.
Ascertain whether the borrower submitted audited financial statements.
Developing diagnostic tools and methods to ascertain machine characteristics.

Famous quotes containing the word ascertain

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