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Example sentences for ascending

Here, in ascending order of brightness, are three consoling thoughts.
If temperatures keep ascending at their current rate, some troglobites may not adjust rapidly enough.
In fact, temperatures are ascending rapidly, and this effect is especially powerful in alpine regions.
There are four main possibilities, given in ascending order of politeness.
The fish constrained inside the bubble net are pinned against the surface by the ascending whales.
Each layer of fruits in the ascending spiral is called a hand.
Ocellated turkeys were ascending to the trees for the night, their wings laboring against the plush air.
It seems to me you're asking three questions, in ascending order of complexity.
One early morning, as they camped on a rock face they were ascending, gunfire shattered the dawn.
After ascending as far as they could by carriage and wagon, the party set off on foot.
The polyps were removed from the ascending and transverse colon.
They were prevented from ascending by what appears to have been an ordinary fish gig.
So it goes, with the ages of the interpreters and the complexity of their prompts ascending up the ramp.
The flutes answer with a supple ascending line, requesting that the horns be more specific.
Dozens of witnesses reported having seen an ascending flare that culminated in an explosion.
The ascending frontal supplies the anterior central gyrus.
In addition to these there are sometimes present an ascending and a descending mesocolon.
Having rested awhile, an earnest desire seized him of ascending the mountain which towered above him.
Each of these ducts receives an ascending and descending vein.
His ascending steps on the stairs brought back my senses.
On another occasion, he put his pipe in his mouth as he was ascending the subway steps.
He seems to be ascending into the role of leader quite well.
Built on an ascending series of platforms, the bar has the best view in town hands-down.
Moreover, our results demonstrate that the study of deep ascending genealogies can accurately reveal population structure.
The other major cause is pulmonary barotrauma caused by holding breath while ascending after breathing compressed gas.
Adiabatic processes require a pressure change which you would only get in this case if the gas is ascending or descending.
Science can map the topography of the landscape and help us to traverse it, efficiently ascending peaks of well-being.
Their pay would be raised to support their ascending status.
He sees that as an omen his star is ascending in the heavens, his planets are lining up correctly.
He had survived by focusing on his goal, ascending ever higher, refusing to see the sneers and doubt in his peripheral vision.

Famous quotes containing the word ascending

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What is art, But life upon the larger scale, the higher, When, graduating up in a spiral line Of still expanding and more
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