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Example sentences for arts and crafts

Many such verbs are in the vocabularies of the arts and crafts.
People put on street theater performances and organize arts and crafts projects.
Other households emphasize sports, or arts and crafts.
Festival activities include arts and crafts exhibitors, food vendors, a children's area and great entertainers.
Nine statuesque mansions evoke colonial past with traditional arts and crafts.
These resorts offer children's programs that include age-appropriate outdoor activities, arts and crafts, sports and games.
Local recreational activities include canoe float trips, numerous golf courses and local arts and crafts festivals.
Small towns offer pioneering history, arts and crafts.
Guests can purchase handmade arts and crafts, camp along the creek or listen to fireside jam sessions.
Other activities include kids' arts and crafts, demonstrations by local craftspeople and dance performances.
Activities for children include arts and crafts making, ceramics and costume dress-up.
At the breakfast, kids receive a special gift and can partake in arts and crafts activities.
Both offer an impressive collection of local arts and crafts, as well as coffee and other local products.
Buy fresh fruit, fish and meat or browse the handicraft stalls for locally produced arts and crafts.

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