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Autumn is also prime time for major museum exhibits and the performing arts.
When the summer throngs depart, you get this seaside arts town and its beaches all to yourself.
Each ethnic group has its own style of mask making, ceramic arts and wood carving.
Don't accuse the mixed martial arts world of taking the summer off.
The results reveal the comparative strengths, advantages, and limitations of the various martial arts styles.
Moreover, they demonstrate that research in the visual arts can result in important findings about the visual system.
There's one sure way of getting good at language arts.
It is the arts after all, better than almost any other pursuit, that foster a connection between humans from all times and places.
Well done healing arts build your bodies health, strengthening immunity and resilience in many ways.
The arts of agriculture and pastoralism bring about direct modification of the environment in time and space.
Our country abounds in the necessaries, the arts, and the comforts of life.
Almost all the processes employed in the arts and manufactures fall within the range either of physics or of chemistry.
Sincerity and honesty carries one through many difficulties which all the arts he can invent would never help him through.
The government needs to understand the vital role of the arts, design, craft and ultimately manufacturing.
Other arts-particularly visual arts-can be ugly and derive much of their power from their ugliness.
Different countries, of course, use their own favorite delicacies and culinary arts to prepare these savories.
In the last couple of years we've lost a lot of our arts people, so more arts stuff is important.
Molecular gastronomy aims to apply the piercing clarity of science to the culinary arts.
There is, of course, no mention here of the current upsurge of libertarian feeling or of the arts.
He dared to demand comparisons of painting with the other arts.
N o arts were more closely allied with noir than photography and jazz.
There has been much public conversation recently regarding the role of the arts and culture industry in economic stimulus.
Agency overview and information on artists, arts organizations, arts education and advocacy.
Promotes the arts and arts education in the communities in the state.
Established to increase the support, awareness and outreach of the arts in communities across the state.

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