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Example sentences for artistically

After all this science, it's time to be artistically inspired.
My journey artistically and personally has led me to reflect on issues of the world.
The splendid bird enjoys the hubbub-is adjusted and equal to it-finishes it so artistically.
It would mingle and blend artistically these two kinds of enjoyment.
It was really a chance to spread my wings artistically and to experiment with different sounds.
It has flowerily borders in the fine form with artistically laid design.
Over time they have faded neither commercially nor artistically.
The limitations of his transgressions are nicely and artistically traced.
As artistically mistaken as this stance is, it nonetheless helps account for the show's success.
Reversing the contrary animal is wrongheaded, not only journalistically but also artistically.
Remarkably the media and a few artistically outspoken people truly made this an interesting and curious event.
He entered upon nearly two decades of wandering, both geographically and artistically.
The band still has a manager and a label who work on its behalf, commercially and artistically.
Nothing as artistically or technologically ambitious had been attempted before-and it was not attempted now.
Dove is at pains to include angry outbursts as well as artistically ambitious meditations.
It's influenced me artistically more than any other author.
But artistically he felt that he was stepping on his own toes.
Older definitions, for instance, wrongly exclude the artistically talented.
The city's reputation for style attracts a great many artistically minded travelers of all budgets.
He was artistically wise to do so, for she was fascinating.
Artistically, it should be a good mix for audiences.
There are amazing skaters in the world, technically, artistically.
Even when the actor can pull it off artistically, there's no guarantee of career revitalization.
They consist of spectacular trails, recreational facilities, and artistically decorated parks.
As a botanical illustrator, she presents her subjects in ways that educate the viewer, yet are artistically pleasing.
He had been artistically inclined since childhood and chose, after two years in the tobacco trade, to study art.
Plant patent drawings are not mechanical drawings and should be artistically and competently executed.
Artistically enhances or alters surveillance photographs.
One of the products of this survey was a series of fish portraits, accurate in detail and artistically compelling.
Our purpose is to do strategically-relevant, technologically-sophisticated websites, that are visually and artistically appealing.

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