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To solvers, a good chess problem has something creative about it, perhaps artistic even.
Creative, artistic and spontaneous thoughts are derived from the right hemisphere of the brain.
Professionals who make toys need to be artistic and creative.
She likes to find artistic ways to present the food.
She urged a more imaginative, vigorous approach to imbuing academic life with artistic vision.
Drawings often lend a glimpse of the artistic process.
Patients can suffer strokes and become incredibly artistic and musical.
The topic will be approached from biological, physical and artistic perspectives.
There were playful artistic touches and simple yet striking uses of permeable landscape.
When they finished the painstaking artistic process, they destroyed it.
Countries with strong artistic traditions often promote their culture by sending exhibitions of paintings and sculpture abroad.
No matter how realistic and artistic these representations may be, however, they are still lifeless.
Now, the scrutiny of samples not only yields potentially important data, but also artistic inspiration.
Graduates in artistic courses of study may also be admitted.
Off screen things never quite lived up to the artistic vision.
For centuries, artistic treasures have been taken away from the lands that created them.
Obsession is common and typically harmless, often a powerful motivator and a source of artistic inspiration.
To think artistic style derives from artistic limitations is, at first glance, backwards.
Such was her success that she dropped her studies in favor of an artistic career.
Artistic brilliance and a dazzling memory can sometimes accompany autism and other developmental disorders.
He could as easily have been referring to artistic stardom as the heavens.
There are so many pitfalls awaiting the artistic magus.
See her images and hear her speak about her artistic journey from rock music to photography.
But paleontologists knew the movie's raptors were drawn with a bit of artistic license.
The means and messages of multimedia will become a blend of technical and artistic achievement.
While it's true that artists striving for perfection possess artistic hubris, their need for perfection tortures them.
The collectors say their government cares little about preserving this artistic heritage.
Beyond their artistic value, these photographs also tell an important story.
And this is what makes artistic innovation so difficult.
Music videos are part artistic expression and part promotional tool.
The landscape is the true beauty, but a subtle artistic flare to the pylons will enhance the background.
Anyway, it seems to me that this event was some strange artistic celebration of the unknown.
Watermarks is a kind of science project with an artistic bent.
But her kingdom is best known for its blossoming artistic creativity and innovation.
The purple color shown in the illustration above was chosen mainly for artistic reasons.
Artistic cartography and painstaking detail make this a map for any collector.
Music was never my artistic showcase of concentration.
She was about ten years older than me, and an artistic type.
It is also has an extraordinary artistic heritage going back centuries.
Life was never that simple, but for artistic purposes, it's always safe to oppose the good guys and the bad.
Resurrecting these vanished people would demand a blend of scholarship and artistic talent.
His tightly framed study of the portraitist is an unexpectedly moving investigation of the artistic process.
We give them as much exposure to art history and artistic practice as almost any school.
Reimagining and recycling, has always been a part of artistic thinking.
In my experience, they want to see if your artistic vision fits with the department's vision.
And far from being an artistic tyrant, he hopes you'll customize his pieces.
Muscle memory and artistic interpretation are so much a part of successful dance.
The artistic problems for film composers are legion.
Reused picture frames can serve as their own artistic medium.
The figurative painter talks about the artistic process, his education and his influences.
Research and publication is encouraged, as well as continuing your personal artistic career.
When music videos became economically marginal, they acquired artistic credibility.
But nonetheless, the historic and artistic atmosphere on this avenue endures.
Only those with historic or artistic interest were saved.
Links literary and artistic depictions of peasants' clothing and transgressive behavior to elite anxieties.
He has cultivated a strong artistic persona that takes his art beyond the narrow confines of the art world.
Despite the changes, this area has always been known for its artistic tendencies.
But the best entertainment companies manage to impose operational control without squashing artistic freedom.
Yet these sculptures were always more political than artistic.
Movies and literature are different artistic languages.
His diverse artistic background has led him to reinvigorate tango music with fresh ideas and an idiosyncratic style.
Blends the artistic visions of the film's five directors.
Countries that have chased away the moneylenders have been artistic deserts.
They are usually portrayed as grasping, cynical and lacking in any artistic sensibility.
Manufacturing the designs is probably done with machines but the actual artistic work will not be.
Similarly, you should resist the temptation to personalize the background of your slides with artistic, esoteric watermarks.
Tanning's artistic evolution has adhered to this spirited motto.
But what set him apart from other computer wizards was his artistic sense.
The artistic, architectural and folk heritage representative of these cultures is celebrated.
There are some caves that escape this tendency, perhaps due to regional artistic differences.
Even though her family really loves her, they don't always respect her artistic ways.
It's also an eternal testament to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of a wealthy empire.
He is a musician, a stickler for artistic perfection on the ice.
The country's palaces, cathedrals and mosques also embody artistic significance, within and externally.
Greeks are known for their heritage of artistic and intellectual ancestry.
The rink offers a wide array of lessons, including roller hockey, speed skating and artistic skating.
The goal is to enhance the natural beauty of the plants with a large artistic networked lighting display.
And no boardrooms or client meetings means no dress code, so a chef's body is an ideal canvas for artistic expression.
The composition of music that has the power to move and stimulate us is one of the great artistic pursuits.
The beauty of this approach is that it changes the problem from a mathematical challenge to an artistic one.
Explores the artistic implications of information technology.
Much more important from the artistic standpoint were the comedies proceeding by means of social satire.
He knows the value of artistic selection and arrangement, and is something of a virtuoso of the short story.
In artistic construction it does not come short of absolute perfection.
It does not work at the instigation of any doctrine, moral or artistic, whatever.
There were great advances in artistic work, in technical skill and in all the amenities of life.
For vacant hours, he had other pursuits besides poetry, but all of them artistic.
We are probably far too much inclined to over-estimate the conscious character even of intellectual and artistic productions.
The public accepted photography as a valid medium for artistic expression.
Obviously, you've seen artistic opportunities in the digital realm.
Which means that our choices, collectively, take on the freight of artistic implication.
My artistic development, she told me gently, seemed to have been arrested somewhere around the age of six.
It was a brilliant turn of phrase, but the idea itself remained merely an artistic conceit.
For that, scientists have historically relied on artistic interpretations.
His use of a pop culture reference is well within the bounds of artistic license and satirical fair-use.
He argues that intelligence and artistic creativity evolved to signal high genetic quality to potential mates.
Additionally, it's common to adapt elements of an insular and specialized artistic movement to a more mainstream application.
And as binders evolved over the years, so did artistic styles.
He was protecting his artistic integrity, but more importantly he was making a stand about his morals.
There is no middle ground, no room for artistic license, or interpretation.
It is nowhere so durable as artistic or intellectual beauty.
It is harder to imagine artistic excellence arising from violent racism.
Crumb himself, though highly aware of artistic traditions, does not make the same claims for himself.
He contributed to prestigious literary magazines, was accepted in serious artistic circles.
No matter how violent his torment, he retains full artistic control of the tragedy which he is living through, but also writing.
The majority of collectors do not find a topping of dust enhances the artistic image.
They are the artistic expression of a newly acquired bourgeois freedom.
Debt-emotional, artistic, financial-was one of the central themes of his life.
Composing music may be the loneliest of artistic pursuits.
Ford believes that giving up oils for watercolors was a key part of his artistic development.
Forms of figurative sculpture became the epoch's artistic tuning fork.
Chen discusses the artistic preferences of the gallery's overseas clients.
The movie's scale is small, its subjects are intimate, its artistic reach is immense.
So the concert scene in the film is an artistic reinterpretation of reality.
It's also one that's of cinematic and, more generally, artistic import.
After your brain surgery-where a portion of your brain was actually removed-you had an overwhelming artistic desire.
Roger, who had been born with a cleft palate, was shy and artistic.
And actors have to be aloof and mysterious and artistic and all that.
The difference, it seems to me, hinges on their respective artistic stature.
His sojourn there, though it coincided with what was arguably his artistic peak, sowed the seeds for his post-filmmaking life.
Being a cult implies some level of artistic failure.
It was a choice that would seal her immediate fate: artistic suicide.

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