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In this scenario, the artist gets absolute creative control, but it's a bigger gamble.
The struggling artist lives on, but has built a satisfying career in some unexpected ways.
She was already a known artist and she spent her time in service traveling to different military bases and singing for soldiers.
There is probably no other artist alive whose work is as instantly recognizable.
In order to preserve the uniqueness of his drawing, the artist refused to have his compositions engraved.
In the muted light of winter, the coast might even bring out the artist in you.
What's more, it's not the first time a tattoo artist has wanted to cash in on infringement allegations.
Impressive what an artist sense can do with such everyday materials.
The artist seems to be a bit of a scam artist rather than someone with real talent.
If you want to find a song, he says, you look up the name of the track or the artist with a text search.
The money would always seem to get lost, somehow, before making it to the artist.
In his past life, he was an alcoholic, sporadically homeless and an amateur artist.
Their sale is supposed to provide each artist with three decades of retirement payouts.
He is the only established artist who signed a management and production contract without reading it.
Dead he is not, but departed,-for the artist never dies.
The essence of an artist is that he should be articulate.
And the observer as well must have a capacity for such ideas, or he will have lost something which the artist has to communicate.
Every trait which the artist recorded in stone, he had seen in life, and better than his copy.
Do not believe in the myth of the romantic artist, who produces a masterpiece minutes before a deadline.
Even an unknown or unauthenticated artist's work deserves a public viewing.
Here, in an artist's conception, the fairing shielding the spacecraft is jettisoned.
The artist shaped his jellied substance into giant geometric forms, so that the sense of pure color and volume predominated.
He slept in an artist squat so cold that he had to take a bucket of hot water to the outdoor toilet to prevent it from freezing.
The influence of an artist on a tour's food does not always guarantee salutary effects on morale, however.
The app uses a spinning, color-coded wheel to make it easy to hop from one artist to the next.
Not everyone is a genius, an artist, or a story teller.
Use an artist's brush to trace the raised motif with a decorative glaze.
Or hinge together several prefabricated artist's canvases.
Further, to blame the artist is also to blame the messenger.
What makes the video unique is that it is based on real data, not an artist's conception.
It'll be fun to see where the artist takes this idea.
Live response from audience challenges and boosts artist's creativity.
It is rare that purely practical consideration stimulates an artist to create a wonderful body of work.
But such impertinences make an artist whom many have deemed redoubtable, if a bit boring, excitingly new and strange.
It is a special monograph on one aspect of the artist, which might be called-though the term is awkward-his ideology.
Bast still works on top of doing all his artist work.
He has been showing professionally as an artist for over forty years.
As graceful an artist as he is on the tennis court, no true artist paints with two hands.

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