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With the craft-cocktail revolution well under way, skillfully made libations are edging closer to artisan status.
It could be a member of our literary or artisan community, looking to strike up a conversation and leaving with inspiration.
It took two months for the artisan to create a sort of hand-tooled leather chrysanthemum wallpaper, but the results are exquisite.
The act of painting remains the absolute center of her life, and she approaches it with an artisan's industry and discipline.
The West's artisan honeys are as diverse as the regions they come from.
Standardization has turned the fulfilling work of the artisan into the cheerless repetitive job of the factory worker.
At least a dozen brands of artisan chocolate can be found at many grocery stores.
This attracts funky artisan types, who gradually make an area more interesting to small businesses and local tourists.
Listeria can pose special challenges for artisan cheesemakers.
The artisan starts with a detailed sketch, which then functions as a kind of jigsaw puzzle.
Thanks for the info on artisan cheeses, always great to find out about other small producers.
And time casts a magic spell over what were once simply the last known artifacts to leave an artisan's studio.
Bars and restaurants flow into the nearby maze of streets, where once stood medieval artisan shops.
As a cultural traveler, aid a community by purchasing local artisan handicrafts and patronizing locally owned restaurants.
Jousting, crafts, food and artisan demonstrations are part of the fun.
Artisan's liens are designed to be equitable in nature and to protect the rights of artisans.
If the artisan voluntarily surrenders possession, the artisan loses its lien.

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