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They have advance warning of raids and all main leaders, artillery and military hardware is relocated in advance.
The government, flush with money from oil exports, attacked with planes and artillery.
Such correction tables would be relatively simpler than similar tables used in artillery and naval practice.
Entire buildings are being shelled with heavy artillery.
Artillery pieces were hauled to the quayside to ensure things went off with a bang.
Immune to the sting, the slugs deploy the stolen artillery along their own extremities.
It is the concussions of artillery shells that shatter eardrums.
Some told harrowing tales of their confinement for weeks under heavy artillery fire.
The army countered with helicopter gunships and artillery.
Except for the occasional desultory exchange of tank and artillery fire, everything seems asleep.
But what would really make a difference would be the ability to destroy incoming artillery rounds.
The rap of gunfire and boom of heavy artillery filled the air.
They suffered heavy losses, both from a minefield and from artillery bombardment.
He is credited with innovations in textiles and artillery alike.
So the party has been pumping money into the race, and has also started to send in the heavy artillery.
The energy weapon successfully blasted all sorts of mortars, rockets, and artillery shells out of the sky.
The vessels fired artillery shells and lobbed anti-submarine bombs into the wine-dark sea.
Army lasers have also shot down mortars, missiles and artillery shells under test-range conditions.
Fuse systems control the detonation of artillery shells, whether at impact with the ground or an object or in midair.
It's pathetic that they spend huge amounts of money to buy weapons and artillery to fight with each other to rule.
Heavy artillery is becoming an increasingly important factor in deciding battles.
The arms, artillery and public property to be parked and stacked, and turned over to the officer appointed by me to receive them.
His began by shelling the city with artillery and bombing it from the air, then sent in tanks and paratroopers.
From below, in the valley, came the echo of crashing artillery shells.
Nearby, mud-brick battlements hide the encampments of rebellious tribal sheikhs, some with their own artillery pieces.
All the heavy artillery of conservatism was there, and the participants were speaking to their own.
He starts off as an artillery officer in some war, and then the game tracks back and forth through his life.
Imagine that a soldier wants an app instructing how to call for artillery fire, and the app doesn't exist yet.
The media artillery swung into action, and the charges and countercharges flew.
Only then, enlist an artillery of tried-and-true stink busters.
It is decades since the two sides lobbed artillery shells at each other's broadcasting facilities.
Compared with a tank or heavy artillery, they represent a tiny and easily hidden target.
They are armed with machine guns, rocket-powered grenade launchers, and truck-mounted artillery.
Airstrikes and high-explosive artillery fire are in disfavor.
But the evidence is strong that education is often a far better investment than artillery.
He was an avid reader, fond of history, but his main interest later settled on artillery.
In the dawn of artillery, loose powder was brought to the gun in a covered bucket, usually made of leather.
As it happened, routers turned out to be the indispensable heavy artillery of the digital revolution.
Behind the armor trailed streams of troop carriers, weapons carriers, artillery pieces.

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