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He invented the basic methods of artificially binding nitrogen through the use of hydrocarbons.
Others have built their own instruments, using artificially aged wood.
Now with this loadstone you may make magnets artificially.
There is a small swimming pool which can be warmed artificially.
In fact, generalities lose potency if they occur at the cost of artificially leveling otherwise significant features of reality.
Scientists have determined that long artificial days-and artificially short nights-induce early breeding in a wide range of birds.
Some experts have suggested doing the same thing artificially as a modern cure for global warming.
The finding means our understanding of the lives and behaviors of the great ape is based on artificially low population densities.
There are several factors in the market keeping prices artificially high.
As bizarre as that sounds, modern strains are unfit for natural mating and must all be artificially inseminated.
Imagine a short investor that identifies an artificially inflated stock price.
Artificially enlarged by liquid, the lobster then secretes the beginnings of a new shell, which will harden over the coming weeks.
To live thus artificially means to lose, sooner or later, the power of independent movement.
Our taxes have subsidized the corn industry for decades now to artificially keep prices down.
Until now, this has only been done using artificially modified structures that steers light in a specially engineered ways.
The real problem is that the dollar is artificially inflated.
Secondary creatures are controlled by artificially intelligent software, not by other players.
But, as their interest rates were set artificially low and didn't reset for two years, it would be two years before that happened.
They're genetically bred to be so fat that they have to be artificially inseminated.
Artificially sweetened foods remain a pale reflection of the real thing.
The glory of these connected crumbs is that they don't need to be artificially intelligent.
They won't go down past the artificially induced lumps in the throat.
Today the power plant uses the hot water initially in steam turbines, and it is then pumped into the artificially created lagoon.
Of course, crossing the dateline artificially extends the timeline.
That's the kind of cadaver, the kind of organ donor, who's heart is kept beating artificially.
It also makes high-sugar foods and beef artificially cheap, contributing to the obesity and diabetes epidemic.
Seismic reflection technology uses artificially generated seismic waves to produce the three-dimensional images.
Thus people slide into insanity, an artificially created world where imagined references fail to restore a sense of reality.
Businesses are beginning to turn to artificially intelligent bots to streamline their warehouses and distribution centers.
We're all attached to our hometowns and want them to succeed, but efforts to spread economic activity out artificially are costly.
Foreigners will be keen to acquire yuan, and reluctant to part with it, for as long as they think it is artificially cheap.
Countries that use them are often accused of doing so to keep their currencies artificially undervalued.
Isoprene can also be artificially polymerised to make synthetic rubber.
The government's policy of keeping the peso artificially cheap means that wages in dollars are low, checking the inflow.
Foreigners can buy debt issued domestically, but artificially low yields and the risk of another default make that unappealing.
None had their food intake artificially limited or, as with livestock, ramped up.
Not to mention the artificial demand bring generated by interest rates being held artificially low.
So the artificially lower price for oil also artificially lowers consumer demand for alternatives.
So he gave rats lithium for a couple of weeks, then artificially triggered strokes by blocking a brain artery.
The curious result is that artificially created meat will be more natural and humane than anything you'd find in the store today.
Whenever one hears that the majority of drivers in an area speed, the truth is that the speed limit is artificially low.
Again, you're artificially and arbitrarily narrowing the definition of failure.
Cosmic rays being far too feeble and unpredictable a source, muons have to be produced artificially in order to make them useful.
Sounds daft, but electric cars will be so quiet that their owners will be obliged to make them artificially noisier.
Then the artificially created argon and the naturally occurring argon are measured in a single experiment.
When she refused to mate, she was artificially inseminated.
Not that he thinks science lacks imagination, but that he thinks science is artificially limited.
Any anti-predator behaviour would have been artificially bred out long ago.
We can enact meaningful building codes and stop keeping insurance premiums artificially low in flood zones.
They, too, argued that drawn-downs were artificially inflating overall lending figures.
But it's emphatically not their job to try to calm them artificially.

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