artificiality in a sentence

Example sentences for artificiality

We reproach the eighteenth century with its artificiality.
Folk forms could cleanse culture of the artificiality that, he felt, was poisoning modern life.
But whatever expository value this thought-experiment may turn out to have, this should not blind us to its artificiality.
The enhanced experimental efficiency that this approach has to offer far outweighs its artificiality drawbacks.
Staggering the turns so that all legs are not the same length reduces the sense of artificiality.
And to reflect even that year by a calculus of conditions atone moment of that year is indeed io indulge in artificiality.
In fact, it allows the price of these funeral goods to be kept artificiality high.
The hardest thing in training to overcome is artificiality.
There are alternatives to data suppression including data smoothing, aggregation and artificiality.
Carrying this point further, observable artificiality in any form must be minimized and obscured in every possible way.
Otherwise, the artificiality shows through and establishes the barrier.

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