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The games and a post-tournament symposium were organized to spur interest and research in robotics and artificial intelligence.
One goal is to deliver better recommendations and more songs through improved artificial intelligence.
From the presentation yesterday, it appears to be a genuine stab at artificial intelligence in a mobile device.
Special tools such as checklists, decision trees and artificial intelligence built into instrumentation are key.
The concept of prediction errors was initially put forward in research on artificial intelligence.
It will always be easier to make organic brains by unskilled labor than to create a machine-based artificial intelligence.
As gains are made in artificial intelligence, scientists worry that advances could have dangerous consequences.
The moldable gripper can function without needing sophisticated artificial intelligence software.
Teaching computers to play poker is an active area of research in artificial intelligence.
The artificial intelligence exhibited by computer-controlled enemies is inconsistent.
As soon as you ask people to interact with a computer with artificial intelligence, they start unloading secrets.
But the problem turned out to be much harder than they imagined, as did many other problems in artificial intelligence.
Suddenly, artificial intelligence produces some results.
Artificial intelligence needs a reboot, say experts.
Artificial intelligence enables raccoon responses, and unscripted hilarity follows.
For people it gets more and more difficult to find a job, because robots and artificial intelligence will do our work.
Artificial intelligence needs a reboot, say experts.

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