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Example sentences for artificial life

He is less the poet of artificial life, than of nature and the feelings.
When the first of these artificial creatures showed that it could reproduce on its own, the age of artificial life began.
Surprisingly, more respondents were concerned about nuclear power than artificial life, stem cells or genetically modified crops.
From the smartest artificial brain to the first artificial life.
One particularly interesting kind of emergent computation, known as artificial life, may someday help answer these questions.
Perhaps people who have signed up as organ donors when they die could also have the option of artificial life sustenance.
It raises a lot of ethical concerns about creating and controlling artificial life.
We left off a few highly popular artificial life forms, and some short-circuited readers went haywire.
The company's artificial life team is currently developing software that will grow by learning to write its own code.
Artificial life researchers talk about surfing the wave of increasing complexity.

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Nature (the Art whereby God hath made and governs the World) is by the Art of man, as in many other things, so in this a... more
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