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For the first time in history, surgeons early today implanted a permanent artificial heart to replace a dying human heart.
Removing the artificial wall between academic and public history is long overdue.
For hatchling sea turtles, artificial light is a killer.
The engines of the great food factories will be driven, not by artificial combustion, but by the underlying heat of the globe.
Artificial intelligence pioneers point to advances made in law, medicine and other arenas as proof of the vitality of their work.
Artificial lighting seems to be taking the largest toll on bird populations.
The goal of building a safe artificial heart has frustrated bioengineers for more than four decades.
Here's another situation where artificial turf made sense.
Making artificial limbs that can perform gross motor functions is relatively easy.
They must be tailored with specialized software, perhaps igniting a new industry for artificial intelligence applications.
Thus the college requirement of excellence in teaching and scholarship is a purely artificial construct.
Strangest of all, many want their beloved artificial sweeteners to be less artificial.
Small artificial ponds stored water that could be use to flood rice paddies.
The researchers then trained nectar-eating bats to find a feeder hidden in artificial foliage.
Natural turkeys have been minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients or coloring added.
Researchers in artificial intelligence today are beginning a race to offset an epidemic of age-related memory loss.
Maybe you'll mangle his paper clips, leave a book open on the wrong page, or hide his basket of artificial petunias.
He has since gone on to become a leading light in the development of artificial limbs.
Inefficient central power generation is protected by a glacier of artificial barriers.
And unlike shortenings and artificial fats, butter does literally melt in the mouth.
The debate over standardizing science will continue as artificial intelligence continues to improve.
Finally, a beam of artificial rays from the accelerator is added to the mix.
In some cases, artificial lakes and breeding centers can be the only places where experts can study rare species in the flesh.
Such broad vision holds tremendous appeal for the makers--and users--of artificial lenses.
He'd always been obsessed with robots and artificial intelligence.
The mantra is applied as much to the rainforest and the rest of the natural world as to the artificial.
Instead of wasting time on hydrogen, look into technologies for creating artificial gasoline.
Microchips promise to make artificial legs as good as new.
Ammonia is difficult to produce on a large scale but is a vital component of artificial fertilizers.
Look at how people use artificial intelligence today.
The mostly plastic bot features an extendable foot powered by an artificial muscle.
Bioinformatics involves the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to solve biological problems usually on the molecular level.
Artificial lighting long ago reduced the importance of the moon to farmers and gardeners, but the name has stuck.
Maybe with high-speed, fast-forward videotapes you could train these things in artificial worlds in six minutes.
Artificial organisms could behave in unexpected ways, or mutate out of control, critics say.
The best artificial intelligence isn't all-knowing and powerful.
Artificial sweeteners don't have any calories, but they might make you fatter than real sugar.
Handmade artificial life isn't going to form the basis of the next century of synthetic biology.
It is a long-held dream: an artificial heart to replace one that is damaged or diseased.
The games and a post-tournament symposium were organized to spur interest and research in robotics and artificial intelligence.
Artificial gills for humans, a dream of swimmers from time immemorial, seem to be on the horizon.
IT also, by not releasing how it does what it does may actually prevent artificial inflation.
Yet these artificial persons have always provoked worries, too.
Cancer will be cured, and artificial limbs will outperform natural ones.
Bright artificial light from nearby developments can outshine the natural glow.
To detect artificial neutrinos using existing telescopes means screening out the natural neutrino background.
In that field, the technique is used to paint realistic reflections of one artificial object on another, among other things.
Contrails are artificial clouds that form around the tiny aerosol particles in airplane exhaust.
They have found a way to create a stronger and safer frame than the artificial bone scaffolds currently in use.
During the night artificial lights can confuse the birds and cause them to crash into telephone poles and other objects.
It will always be easier to make organic brains by unskilled labor than to create a machine-based artificial intelligence.
If artificial lights are present, they often head toward those lights instead and fail to reach the sea.
We already use artificial reefs to rebuild populations of marine life.
The artificial current interrupts or corrects dysfunctional electrical activity that is causing medical problems.
Artificial intelligence researchers routinely said that computers capable of beating our best were literally unthinkable.
Well-planned communities balance natural and artificial spaces.
To make artificial intelligence tical reality takes more than product innovation.
All, however, were instantly recognizable as artificial creations.
If you don't want to give up your lawn for one of these reasons or others, consider replacing it with artificial turf.
These he felt were insincere, commercially inspired artificial holidays.
Mountaintop sites also create slurry ponds-artificial lakes that hold the byproducts of coal processing and that sometimes fail.
The glove allows you to reach out and pick up an artificial object, say a ball, and throw it.
Out in the water, white poles stake the outline of an artificial reef that is scheduled to be built soon.
Cab interiors are fitted with artificial flowers of silk and satin.
Their software can grade essays thanks to improvements in artificial-intelligence techniques.
Legend has it that this garden paradise was planted on an artificial mountain, but many experts say it never really existed.
Most robotic vehicles rely on artificial vision or sonar systems for their navigation.
Printing artificial organs could then make up for the lack of donor organs.
Stretchable electronic skin could connect an artificial hand to the nervous system.
One likely announcement, which may happen any day of the year, is of the world's first artificial living creature.
According to the peasants, the local government has seized their land to build an artificial lake in order to attract tourists.
These films can readily form a slick on artificial hips, contact lenses and in catheters.
Special tools such as checklists, decision trees and artificial intelligence built into instrumentation are key.
Artificial reefs are intended to create new stable substrates on which natural reef formation can take place.
Moreover, the product was loaded with refined sugar and artificial color.
It's all natural, there's nothing in it that's artificial, and it's kosher.
He is less the poet of artificial life, than of nature and the feelings.
WE have hitherto considered two artificial groups and have found that they are dominated by two emotional ties.
He abandoned the artificial emotions of heroic personages in favour of the joys and sorrows of ordinary human life.
Artificial and insipid as the play now seems, its combination of emotion, action and theory was considered a revelation.
It destroys the natural industries of the people, and builds up an artificial industry.
He abhorred lies and falsehood, especially all cunning and artificial methods of detraction.
He thinks that an essay should be spontaneous and free from every artificial trammel.
Up this side street the last sunset light shone as sharp and narrow as the shaft of artificial light at the theatre.
These are likely to be artificial and therefore bad arguments.
Corporations, which are only artificial legal inventions, cannot.
Hence his forced and artificial splitting of meanings of words such as emotion and feeling.
Designers of prosthetics and artificial organs have for a long time tried to replicate the human body.
Amputees and paralysed people could gain full and intuitive control of artificial limbs.
From the smartest artificial brain to the first artificial life.
Canes and even artificial legs are occasionally not merely built to work but are designed and crafted to be fashionable.
Artificial codes have erased natural time, and distance, too.
The alternative is artificial production--if researchers could figure out how spiders produce silk.
We've also built an artificial version of how the fish's electric sonar works and put that on the robot.
Researchers have been trying to make artificial spider silk for decades.
Advances in artificial sensing and motion could change that.
Artificial intelligence enables raccoon responses, and unscripted hilarity follows.
It's not yet clear how many of these nerve caps patients would need for adequate control over a sophisticated artificial limb.
In this test, the paper was dipped in an artificial urine solution that contained glucose and a protein extracted from cow blood.
There is a moment of vertigo before the inner ear accommodates the artificial gravity of this inverted world.
Effective insurgent propaganda can also turn an artificial problem into a real one.
In terrestrial diabetes patients, the capsule could contain pancreatic islet cells, functioning as an artificial pancreas.
They are so complex that only our artificial brains can manage the amount of data and the number of interactions involved.
We concluded with a seasonal dessert scene, a slate slab topped with cookies, table strewn with winter leaves and artificial snow.
If you must get syrupy, choose ones with no preservatives or artificial flavors.
In a few months pills and artificial light did what salt water and sun could no longer do.
The church decided against any artificial methods of birth control.
The elaborate vetting procedures and stratospheric prices are ways of creating artificial scarcity.
So, in an odd experiment, he gave them an artificial one.
Second, your homemade bars will be far better workout fuel than commercial bars made with preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
If you have a sunny window, you may even be able to get a few plants started without artificial lights.
The artificial-sweetener market is savoring the taste of success.
The latest e-mail scare campaign attacks an artificial sweetener.
Maybe the artificial intelligences will help us treat the effects of old age and prolong our life spans indefinitely.
Gas grilling is a grossly artificial formula for the feeding of indifferent crowds.
For the first time, a patient has been successfully transplanted with an artificial trachea, created from scratch in a lab.

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