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Their contrasting hues offer an opulence that's free of artifice; three of the vases are actually covered with leaves.
Many of the best new films are flaunting intelligent artifice.
Like literature, the long race has stripped artifice away.
The raw personal experience is the stuff of art, of human artifice.
Art is witness or it begins the descent to artifice and momentarily fashionable entertainment.
The intensity of competition, moreover, has produced perfection in every artifice of mimicry and illusion.
The past tense helps sweep us away in the story; the present tense subtly reminds us that it is artifice after all.
The difference between art and artifice, singers stress, lies in how you respect and tackle a song's story or message.
He has no pretense or artifice, just a knowing attitude behind a sly smile.
We should remember that all drama is artifice.
They met in a stock company and she found him totally without ego or artifice.
Our organic behavior may not be good, and there's a place for artifice.
To keep sane-a touch here of literary artifice-he escapes into writing stories.
If strangers' snap judgments matter, you go for a bit more artifice.
That's what makes it art-it's artifice in search of reality.
Yes, there have been attempts to develop synthetic emotions for machines, but that's all artifice.
The elegance of this artifice was only compatible with comedy.
Moral custom and rule are not second nature, but human artifice.
He does not use a lot of adjectives or artifice or legerdemain.
Journalists enjoy gaffes as a slight taste of human reality at the banquet of artifice where they sup.
Some reviewers have complained about the frank artifice of the aerial work.
The whole work is a feat of resourceful painterly artifice.
It is often an artifice of the devil to make a novice undertake too much at first, and run indiscreetly beyond his strength.
Among these, a secret spirit of pride is always a certain proof of his artifice.
Rich and entertaining, this story celebrates the power of artifice and impersonation to transcend ordinary truth.
Such is the seductive beauty of his paintings that their subtle artifice often goes unnoticed.

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