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Experienced diggers recommend use of a separate bag for the artifacts found at a specific depth in a specific square.
Retirement is not entirely an artifact of social norms.
The apparent pattern in the data was an artifact of the collection method.
Each artifact recovered was catalogued and its exact location plotted with scaled diagrams.
I'm hoping this is an artifact of spellcheck.
The universe looks more like a designed artifact than a random event.
Until now, the only way to learn how an artifact was made was to take it apart, something no archaeologist was willing to do.
They are cultural as well as geographical artifacts.
It isn't a towering edifice or a dusty artifact of an ancient time.
The higher fuel efficiency is an artifact of a debt reduction strategy.
But it is almost certainly a temporary artifact of the recession.
Even the shape of the graph seems an artifact of the sample.
Rather than being merely an artifact or an accident, appears to me that sleeping paralysis is a mechanism with a purpose.
Finally, the concept of time measurement having an absolute starting point is a human artifact and should remain so.
And its presence on your wall will be less an artifact of the industrial age than a piece of high-tech art.
The strain's an artifact of the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture.
Or so they have concluded after checking for every possible artifact and experimental error.
That's actually not a smoothed out graph in excel, the rather continuous form is simply an artifact of the human eye's perception.
These groups appear different, but this is artifact, because you don't see full range of intermediates.
The one problem is that these things are an artifact of quantization.
In addition, he photographed the artifact at different angles, which made the scratched letters shine in stark relief.
He thinks it will be perfect for his ghoulish-artifact collection.

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