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Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.
Joints of the articulated stems of encrinites, used for rosaries.
In some of the songs, the allegory is highly articulated.
It was preserved articulated within the rock, a body without head or tail.
The dinosaur bones were jumbled up rather than lying in articulated poses on the burrow floor.
Finding an articulated fossil skeleton is always a delight for paleontologists.
Scientists say that bones that remain together after burial are articulated.
Finding pieces of the spinal column joined together eliminates guesswork over how they articulated in life.
Icebreaker puts style at the forefront with a sharp silhouette, contoured fit, and articulated sleeves.
Radial sleeves and articulated elbows allow for complete freedom of movement.
Articulated knees and radial leg gussets combine with all of the above for a comfortable, action-ready pant in a slim package.
With a removable wrist leash and full length over the cuff gauntlet and a pre-curved articulated fit.
Planetary scientists have articulated goals for exploring the solar system.
It also suggests that articulated limbs with joints may be the best evolutionary solution for such motion, the researchers argue.
Patients thought of a word, changed its tense or number and silently articulated it.
Acclaiming global warming as a cause with no articulated reference to the same is too mantric.
The article itself, however, could easily have articulated the primary claim more saliently with fewer words.
Speak in a normal, well-articulated tone and your partner should hear and understand everything you say.
The way you articulated your your feet in this quickstep was fabulous.
Here are the natives of a highly articulated culture that has no myths, only rituals.
While this fact is rarely articulated, its influence is nonetheless real and pervasive.
It is made up of four connected and articulated inflatable sections.
Had he better articulated the reasons for the bail-outs, the public might have been less outraged by them.
Heavy, with the turning circle of an articulated lorry.
These are insufficiently articulated, acknowledged or understood.
Deflation isn't an option, for the numerous reasons articulated above.
In that regard, the culture articulated in a particular language shapes the thoughts, not the language itself.
He had an armorer fashion an iron limb with articulated fingers controlled by gears inside the prosthetic.
The papers in which the ideas will be formally articulated are in preparation.
But no one has articulated any clear reason that any of the people involved should have declined to call the police.
On unionized campuses, how people are managed is clearly articulated.
However, the relation of these studies to students' major courses in business is rarely well articulated or closely coordinated.
What that line is or was has never been specifically articulated, but it is somehow understood.
The complaint was about it being articulated at all.
These things should be articulated in a letter along with details on research and teaching.
Some of those priorities are articulated in long-term strategic plans.
Both seem to work even though they are vastly different approaches, because they were based on clearly articulated principles.
One will not find in this book the well-articulated opinions which both authors have offered us elsewhere.
Without looking cramped, his well-balanced panels began to teem with crowds of individually articulated figures.
They articulated their strategy as one of applying pressure from below and negotiating at the top.
He has already articulated a philosophy of government on which he can construct a solid platform.
The way that the ducts were articulated showed a clear understanding of the mechanics of flight.
It is long past time that your sentiments were articulated.
At the end of the day, a clear ranking has been produced, and a strong case has been articulated.
Ideas and interpretations have to be clearly articulated and referenced.
And articulated them in a civil and thoughtful way, and contributed insights to a constructive discussion.
Yet, it was articulated in a manner that led around in circles and winding discussions, so that it sounded more profound.
Soon citizens started to use the wall to publish their opinions, however cautiously articulated, in wall posters.
The question now is whether she can translate the lofty principles she has so eloquently articulated into reality.
The layers of puff pastry are delicate, yet chewy, each one clearly articulated.
He has eloquently articulated the importance of our mission in science and innovation.

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